How To Increase Inventory Size in FF16

To enhance your inventory capacity in Final Fantasy 16, the upgrades you obtain are crucial in determining your success in battles. Potions serve as the most reliable healing method in the game, as other healing options have long cooldowns or limited effectiveness.

An ample supply of potions can significantly influence the outcome of boss fights and longer encounters, making it essential to possess a robust healing arsenal for your journey through this top-tier RPG.

How To Increase Inventory Space in Final Fantasy 16

Fortunately, a method exists to expand the number of potions you can carry simultaneously, providing greater endurance during challenging engagements. However, the first step of this quest involves locating a particularly elusive Hunt Mark in a remote part of the game world. 

To save you time and effort, we have detailed the precise location of this creature and the steps to upgrade your potion capacity for a second time. Continue reading to find out more.

Weird Science Quest

You can embark on the quest to upgrade your inventory in Final Fantasy 16 when you reach the Hideaway, around one-third into the game’s third act. Within Mid’s Dungeon’s lower floor, you will encounter an engineer.

If the quest is available, you’ll notice a green plus marker above the engineer’s head, indicating not only that he has a quest for you, but that completing it will grant Clive a permanent buff. 

Engaging in conversation with him will initiate the “Weird Science” quest, which requires you to locate and defeat Ash, associated with the Bomb King. Proceed to the hunt board and interact with the Moogle, where you will discover a new entry for the Bomb King. 

Although the Bomb King may seem like a regular Hunt Mark, it’s whereabouts are pretty secluded and not immediately apparent. Luckily, we have the necessary information to guide you. 

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The Bomb King

To upgrade your inventory in Final Fantasy 16, you must find the Bomb King, who resides in The Crock within the Empire of Sanbreque. However, The Crock is an area that you might not have encountered unless you have devoted significant time to exploration.

To reach The Crock, head southwest from The Dragon’s Aery Waypoint until you encounter a narrow path leading southeast. Follow this path while remaining vigilant for a sharp left turn. Continue along this narrower side path, and you will eventually arrive at The Crock, where the Bomb King awaits. 

The Bomb King presents a moderately challenging encounter, further complicated by its ability to summon numerous minions. Before engaging in battle, ensure that you equip area-of-effect attacks. Once you have successfully defeated the Bomb King, return to the Hideaway to claim your well-deserved reward.

Even Weirder Science Quest

If you desire additional inventory upgrades in Final Fantasy 16, the engineer will later provide you with a follow-up quest called “Even Weirder Science.”

Unlike its predecessor, this quest conveniently marks the appropriate locations on your map, tasking you with clearing out three Fallen Ruins spread across different areas of the game. 

Rather than having to search for your enemies manually, you will find quest markers on your overworld map, indicated by a green diamond. Travel to the three locations, defeat the Fallen creatures, and return to receive another increase to your inventory size. 

With a substantial collection of potions, nothing will hinder your conquest of one of the finest PS5 games of 2023.

Last Updated on June 22, 2023

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