FF16: How To Pet Torgal And Give Him Treats

While playing through Final Fantasy 16, players will have the constant support and companionship of Torgal. The mighty hound will be first seen via a flashback scene in the game’s first chapter. While still a puppy back then, Torgal becomes a strong and proud partner as had been envisioned by Clive’s dad.

Players will also be able to pet and play with Torgal, apart from rewarding him with treats throughout. In that regard, the following guide will help players in petting Torgal within the game, which is also attached to achieving a trophy called “You Can Pet the Dog.”

Final Fantasy 16: How to Pet Torgal 

You will be able to have a lot of advantages with Torgal by your side. The big hound can deal loads of damage to your opponents during battles, which is immediately beneficial across all sorts of scenarios.

Clive will also be able to mediate Torgal’s actions through the Timely Rings by your side, and that can serve you well, depending on the situations you find yourself in. 

Final Fantasy 16 - Torgal petting

For all the hard work Torgal does, players can pet Torgal, which will also lead them to get a trophy. However, you will not be able to meet or have your canine friend until the completion of the big prologue session.

It can take a few hours to go through it all, but after it is done, Torgal will be with you as you finish the maiden chapter by arriving at the area where players will have to take on the Dominant of the Eikon Shiva

Once you see off the Dominant and the ensuing fight with Tiamat, players will meet Cidolfus, who comes to Clive’s help. This is where Torgal also shows up, and after the meeting is over, you and Torgal will be taken to Cidolfus‘ place.

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Here you will be given some side quests, and after finishing them, players can rejoin the main storyline of Final Fantasy 16. 

Final Fantasy 16 - Torgal treats

As all of this is completed, you can continue to pet Torgal whenever you want in the game. You will only have to stand very near Torgal, and a prompt will show up on top of his head.

Hold down X to start petting Torgal, and if you click on X again, players will be given a treat Torgal. Torgal gets very excited when this happens in Final Fantasy 16. 

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Players will have Torgal by their sides at all times during the game, and given his importance, the presence of X as the petting button is well-appreciated.

You will not find any advantages of petting Torgal, but it is only for aesthetic purposes alongside making players feel good about their journey through the game. Players will have a lovely experience with Torgal, and you can get much help from him as the story progresses. 

Thus, that is all the information players need when petting Torgal and giving him treats. It is a nice break from all the fighting and action-packed adventures, so you will find resorting to it very calming.

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Last Updated on June 24, 2023

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