FIFA 22 | Best 4-4-2 Meta Formation Guide And Custom Tactics

4-4-2 is probably the most meta formation in this year’s edition of FIFA 22. If you are looking for the ideal custom tactics for this formation, then look no further than this guide here.

I will share with you the proper strategy of how to ace the competition with this classic formation. Tips and tricks have been inculcated in this guide regarding attacking, defensive well as a mixed style of play. Check it out from here.

Best 4-4-2 Meta Formation Guide And Custom Tactics In FIFA 22

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Best 4-4-2 Custom Tactics

The mode of play should be Attacking / Midfield and the Formation Base is 4-4-2. This formation is available across Career Mode, Kick-off, and Tournaments. With the optimal use of Custom Tactics, you can get easily dominate your opponents both offensively and defensively.

Some people have the notion that the 4-4-2 formation is quite weak defensively. But you would be surprised to see how defensively stable this formation can be.

New Features of EA

It is important to remember something here. The new features that EA comes up with each year will always be imbalanced. Direct Passing and Forward Runs are the OP features of this year.

But you need to know exactly the right place and the right time to use them. Using Forward runs and Direct passing at will, would leave you open defensively.

Ideal Game Settings and Tactics

4 4 2 defense
I would recommend having the Defensive Style as Balanced. Balanced is the ‘It’ thing this year. Set Width at 50 and Depth at 55. No use having too much or too little. Offensive Build Up Play works best at Balanced. The 4-4-2 is a wide attacking formation.

The build upon this one should be fast. For Fast build-ups and Long balls, it is mandatory to have a good squad with plenty of stamina and reasonable attack positioning

4 4 2 offense fifa 22
Chance Creation comes into play in the final third of the pitch. However, you can change your tactics to Direct Passing or Forward Runs if you are a goal behind. The offense Width should ideally be 64.

This year a wider offensive setup favors attack. Players in Box should be set to 5, and 6 when you are a goal down. Corners and Free Kicks are best left at 2 bars each.

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Use Player Instructions

Players Instructions are critical in the 4-4-2 formation. Your defensive backline should be on Stay Back While Attacking. The attacking CM needs to be set to Balanced and Cover Center.

On the other hand, for Defensive CM choose to Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center. LM and RM have to be set to Get in the Box for Cross only. For LS and RS, use Stay Forward and Get in Behind.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

If you try to play tiki-taka (quick short passing) with the 4-4-2 it won’t work. Such kind of gameplay is not the meta this year. The more you learn to adapt to the meta of the game the more your chances of success will be.

Lobbed Through Balls are the thing in this game. The ideal gameplay for the 4-4-2 is to identify player runs and breakaways and lob the ball to them. Whether it’s wing plays or feeding the strikers, you just need to play through balls to them.

This formation does not create triangles for you so the tiki-taka style is entirely useless.

Pass the ball to a free striker. Face the second striker and use trigger run. Lob the ball to him when he is just about to cross the defender. Here you can use ground through balls too.

Simply using trigger run and pass works as well. Use trigger run + pass on Player 1 then use Player 2 to lob the ball to Player 1. Also, send your wingers on runs in the same manner.

The chances you will create this way will go up and up in each game.

The 4–4–2 formation usually weighs heavily on the midfield. The width in the team should be ably supported by the full-backs pushing forward.

In this formation, the midfielders are required to be the iron workhorses of the team to support both the defense and the attack.


Well, there you have it, these are the ultimate custom tactics for the 4-4-2 formation this year. Leave a comment if you think this guide was helpful. I will be back with more guides on FIFA 22 soon.

Do check out our latest posts and popular games. Thank you for reading. Enjoy the game.

Last Updated on December 17, 2021

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