Century: Age of Ashes | Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Strategies

Welcome to this Century: Age of Ashes Beginner’s guide. Century: Age of Ashes is a brand new free-to-play dragon riding PvP game with intense gameplay and fun combat mechanics. Before you jump into the game, read these tips and strategies that every new player needs to know.

Century: Age of Ashes Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Strategies

Century Age of Ashes

Guide To Using Brakes and Boost↓

If you’re like me, when you play any game like Century, you want to go as fast as possible 100% of the time. But what if I told you, to go fast you must first learn to slow down.

The air brakes are key to pulling off fast tight turns, to evade fireballs or to track enemies. Using it in conjunction with your boost will make your movement much harder to predict and allow you to chase down those final blows.

In my opinion the best way to take a tight corner and sentry, is to hit the air brakes as you turn and then activate your boost to maintain speed coming out of the turn. To out-manoeuvre your opponents:

  • Time air brakes at the right time
  • Evade fireballs and track enemies using this tip
  • Use brakes with boost to dodge and move around opponents

If your opponents aren’t doing this, you’ll be able to out-manoeuvre and outplay them 90% of the time. Getting the hang of this is essential to becoming the best dragoneer that you can be.

Century: Age of Ashes Stamina Guide and Tips↓

If you’re using tip 1 without considering tip 2, you’re going to end up a slow and useless target, that will get taken out in an instant. Movement is one of the most important aspects of sentry, but to move effectively you need to have good stamina control.

  • Stamina is shown by 4 diamonds at the bottom of screen
  • Every time you use stamina one of these diamonds vanish

You can replenish your stamina in four ways:-

  • By flying along the blue energy rifts
  • Taking the air columns
  • Going through an air tunnel
  • Picking up a Wind Blessing.

Make sure to regularly replenish your stamina to keep the fast-paced combat that this game is all about. This often means pre-planning your flight route around these resources.

Guide on Maps and Resources

There are power ups all over the map. Make sure to pick them up frequently. These power ups can be anything from replenishing your health or shields to the Drake Piercer that one shot kills an opponent. In Carnage Mode these power-ups can give you a huge advantage.

Having a Wind Blessing that gives you un-depletable stamina for a short period of time, can let you aggressively chase kills without worrying about running out of steam and becoming an easy target. While getting the Berserk Wraith will make you a near unstoppable beast.

Make sure you take a mental note of where these power ups spawn, so you can plan your flight routes around them. I guess the more general tip here is to learn the layout of the maps and the power-ups within them.

Damage Output and Combat Tips

Now you might be thinking, I know how to shoot fireballs and how to breathe fire, what more do I really need to know? While attempting to just blast everything that you see with Fireballs or Flame Breath, there are more optimal ways to deal damage and quickly take out enemies:

  • There is limit to your DPS output before recharging
  • Learn to use them properly before going all out with Damage
  • Usage of resources and their timings is also important tip
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Here are some combat tips and tricks for the game as well. Fireballs are great when the enemy is out in the open. But if they have lots of obstacles that they can use to take cover, you’re better off saving your fireballs. Note the following:

  • Flame breath is fantastic up close.
  • Try not to waste all of it at once.
  • This will be the best tool to finish off low HP opponents.
  • Your Flame Breath will only hit when the orange markers in your screen are visible
  • Fire bubbles are only locked on when the green enemy health bar is visible.

My strategy is typically to fireball opponents that expose themselves and then chase them down with the flame breath, tracking them through the narrow corridors to finish them off. Also remember to weave fireballs into your fire breathing to maximize damage output.

Century: Age of Ashes Classes Guide and Strategies↓

Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses. They all have different health pools, powers and abilities. So make sure to learn what each of these do.

Phantom Class  Guide↓

The Phantom class has the least health, that can evade other dragons with this mystic Shroud power. The Phantom classes shoot a ton of damage through mines, blasts and the bonus fireball damage, as well as its passive ability to deal more damage to enemy shields.

I like to use this class as an assassin to quickly eliminate unsuspecting enemies.

Windguard Class Guide↓

Windguards can rush to support teammates and buff themselves with their power salvation surge, while laying out area denying smoke or disrupting enemies with the blast ability.

The passive ability for this class makes you less affected by shockwaves and debuffs. Windguard is the ultimate support class that can save teammates and turn the tide of a fight if played well.

Marauder Class Guide↓

Marauders can relentlessly track and hunt down a single target extremely well at the cost of limited options for escaping pursuers. The Hunter’s Mark power lets you unleash a flurry of fireballs that can be paired with Frostbolts for more damage or Gust for some much needed defense.

The passive ability for this class will let you restore your ability and power anytime you get an elimination or assist.

Of course any of these Century: Age of Ashes Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Strategies could be their own separate posts. You can bookmark this site for class specific guides, map and game mode guides.

More advanced general movement and combat guides can also be put out for future posts. In the meantime, if you want to ask for specific tips, feel free to drop a comment.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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