SCP: Secret Laboratory | Mic Not Working Fix

This guide will help you fix the mic not working issue in SCP: Secret Laboratory game. This problem is faced by many players in this game who are not being able to use their mic properly. Hence the game audio is being affected which is quite irritating for players. In this guide, I will help you understand the issue better and help you to overcome this difficulty. So let’s have a look now.

Fix For Mic Not Working In SCP: Secret Laboratory

The Problem

So, this issue has been happening for over a month now. A lot of players are complaining about this. The problem is two-fold. Some players have said that whenever they join a server and want to chat with people, they press Q for voice, yet it doesn’t work. The mic appears at the bottom of the screen, but whenever they hold down Q, nobody can hear them, and the mic doesn’t light up.

While others have complained that their mic works completely fine in Discord which they are using at the same time as the game. Some use VoiceMod, so they thought that might be the problem, so when they went to switch the mic in-game, they found there is literally no option to change which mic you can use which is pretty much a needed feature for a game like this.

Anyways, these players are not muted in-game and can hear other people’s fine. It’s just that no one can hear them. People have tried restarting their computer and running the game as an administrator, which doesn’t even let you join servers. So I have made this guide with the solution to address this problem.


Even if you don’t have a microphone, the icon will still show up when you hold down Q. It is by no means a good way to test if your mic works or not. The best bet is to go into your control panel and bring up the sound devices window to see if your computer is registering your microphone.

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It may be detecting the wrong one (in the case of you having a headset with a microphone and a USB mic) or your computer might not have even made your microphone the default one. Bring up the sound devices window in the control panel, click on the recording tab, and see which one lights up in green when you speak.

Set that one to default and it should work. If none light up, make sure your microphone’s drivers are installed, and then maybe restart your computer, although you may never need to. Install a mono library from your game folder mono.msi and make sure you restart your computer after installation.

Make sure that Steam is choosing the right microphone, it may turn out that Steam just wasn’t listening to the right audio device. Go to Friends > Settings > Voice. You have to go into the windows setting and put your Voicemod input in “default” because instead of making options to change the mic like any other game, this game just uses the default entry so there you go.

Image Guide

If you need more help regarding setting up your microphone then use these images and instruction tutorial as a reference. First of all, right-click on the audio icon on your desktop/laptop as shown in the below image.

scp secret lab guide 1

Select a recording device from the drop-down.

scp secret lab guide 2

Now select the Voicemod Virtual Audio Device or WDM from there. In the below Screenshot, it is the last one.

scp secret lab guide 3

The last thing to do is to select the “By Default” button and you should be all good to go!

I hope that after following this guide you will be able to resolve your microphone problem. If the solution works for you then please leave a comment to let me know. If you need help regarding anything else, feel free to write to us. We have more such guides related to other games which you can check out from our latest posts. Cheers!


Last Updated on September 25, 2021

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