FIFA 23 | 4-3-3(2) and 4-3-3(5) Meta Formation Guide

Looking for a 4-3-3(2) Custom Tactics in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team that is overpowered? I’ll be demonstrating the top 4-3-3(2) custom strategies for FUT 23 this year in this tutorial. Additionally, I have the perfect guide for you if you’re seeking for the best Custom Tactics to play the Tiki Taka style of football, which was reinvented by Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona.

Trust me when I say that this is the closest you could get to the Barcelona Style Tiki Taka Custom Tactics—it took me a while to play with the tactics. Learn more by continuing to read.

Best Custom Tactics, Players Instructions, and Guide For 4-3-3(2) & 4-3-3(5) In FIFA 23

FIFA 23 4-3-3(2) Formation Guide: Meta Custom Tactics

This year’s Ultimate Team competition for FIFA 23 is fierce. It’s harder to keep up with the competition this year because average players are so unpredictable throughout the game. For this reason, you need a suitable bespoke strategy to slightly tip the odds in your favor.

A particularly defensive version of the standard 4-3-3 is the 4-3-3(2). This year, it appears that EA has put more emphasis on passing and defense than anything else. It’s crucial to have a strong defensive strategy that also works for you offensively. 

For such, it is the ideal formation. It gives your team defensive consistency and the space to generate more offensive opportunities on the counter.

4-3-3(2) Custom Tactics :

The specific strategies for the 4-3-3(2) are as follows:

Defense :
  • Balanced Defensive Style is Recommended
  • 48 should be the width and 65 should be the depth.
  • The best buildup strategy for this formation is Long Ball.
  • Chance creation needs to be Balanced.
  • There should only be 3 players in the box, and the width should be 57.
  • There should be one each for corners and free kicks.



Player Instructions 4-3-3 (2) Formation :

If you want to play defense with the 4-3-3, apply these player instructions:

  • Back 4 on Stay Back While Attacking
  • CDM ought to be on Cover Center and Stay Back While Attacking.
  • More defensive CM ought to be on Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center.
  • A player with quickness and excellent passing ability, like Bernardo Silva, should be the other CM.
  • Place him in a Balanced position and Cover the Center.
  • The LW and RW should be set to Stay Forward and Stay Wide.
  • ST ought to only be on Stay Central.

4-3-3(2) Gameplay Strategy

Being patient and moving the ball around as much as you can are the greatest ways to play the 4-3-3(2). Aim to avoid playing exclusively through the middle. Try long passes to the wingers instead. Passing the ball to the winger is one of the best ways to score.

Perform a roll-roll as he reaches the edge of the box and aims for an outside foot shot. Make sure you place a player with a right foot on the right side and a player with a left foot on the left. You must take advantage of the formation’s width.

As soon as you have the ball, stop attempting to pass it to the striker. This essentially destroys the position of your striker. Because this formation lacks a CAM or second ST, you must be extremely cautious with the movements of your striker. 

With this configuration, crossing the ball would also function fairly well. There you have it, the best custom strategies for the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team formation of 4-3-3(2).

FIFA 23 4-3-3(5) Pep Guardiola Barcelona False 9 Tiki Taka Custom Tactics



One of the best coaches in the history of the beautiful game is Pep Guardiola. He was Barcelona’s manager from 2008 until 2012. Barcelona played the most unstoppable, beautiful, and visually pleasing football anyone had ever seen at this time.

Yes, the squad constantly creates triangles around the opposing defense to keep the ball moving as they attack. This is known as the Tiki Taka style of play. For the defenders to make a tackle, the majority of the passes would be made from the initial touch.

Back then, it was virtually impossible to defeat the Tiki Taka. Since coaches have understood the flaws in this extremely effective offensive play style, tiki-taka has become less and less common as the game has changed over the years.

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Due to the AI, we must contend with, it becomes incredibly challenging to reproduce this type of play in a FIFA game. The attacking AI would typically be illiterate, so it would be up to your level of expertise to get the best out of them.

Since EA has significantly improved passing this year, I’m happy to report that FIFA 23 allows you to accurately emulate Barcelona’s style of play. Let’s pretend I’ve cracked the formula and can now score goals with ease while leaving my rival helpless to stop me.

4-3-3(5) False 9 Tiki Taka Custom Tactics for FUT 23

The optimum formation for the tiki-taka style of play is the 4-3-3(5), commonly referred to as the False 9. especially given that you have a CF rather than an ST. Here is the ideal strategy to employ while using the 4-3-3(5):


A Balanced defensive style is ideal. Since we’re going to make our full-backs Overlap, applying Pressure on Possession Loss could be dangerous. The width should be 41 and the Depth should be 72.

  • Barcelona didn’t give their adversary the ball for very long.
  • The key goal was to recover the ball fast after losing it so that you could continue making short passes.

Slow buildup should be used in buildup plays. The explanation is straightforward — we must make small triangles. The person with the ball needs additional help from the team. There should be a Balanced in Chance Creation. Possession is worse this year than it has ever been in my experience.

  • Players crowd the center of the pitch but don’t really make any runs; instead, they merely stand there in odd positions.
  • However, Balanced provides you the chance to move forward.
  • Players in the box should be 5, and the Width should be 58.


Player Instructions for 4-3-3 (5):

Follow these guidelines to perfectly execute this tactic:

Both CBS is on Stay Back While Attacking. LB and RB on Join Attack and Overlap. They provide you width with those overlapping runs, which is essential for the Tiki Taka, so this is important. CDM ought to be on Cover Center and Stay Back While Attacking. Attacking CM should be on getting Forward, Free Roam, and Get Into the Box for Cross.

  • More Defensive CM should focus solely on getting Forward and Free Roam.
  • For both, Cover Wing.
  • CF ought to be on False 9 and Stay Forward.
  • This is due to False 9 on Balanced, which causes him to descend too far down the pitch.
  • LW and RW ought to be on Cut Inside, Come Short, and Get into the Box.


4-3-3(5) Gameplay Strategy

Check out some old Barcelona footage on YouTube if you are unfamiliar with the Tiki Taka and you’re only looking for a 4-3-3(5) unique tactic. The ball needs to be worked around with patience. One thing to keep in mind is that FIFA nowadays is not designed for rapid one-touch passing.

Instead, rapid builds with long through balls or gradual builds with steady buildups have been popular for a while. So you wouldn’t find it if you were looking for the precise Barcelona style of play. This is the closest you can get, as I already stated.

In modern FIFA, one-touch passing is just not an option. The AI becomes perplexed as the game slows down. So, before passing, try to get a couple of touches. Do not pass more than three times in a row if you wish to execute a one-touch play.

The major assailants are LW and RW. In this configuration, they would outscore the CF in terms of goals scored. Every time they would cut in, you would have additional possibilities. When they make a sudden cut inside, providing you with a free path to the goal, it is challenging to mark them. 

Just don’t pass all day long. The game is not made that way, as I already stated. Your players will lose speed and agility and eventually turn the ball over. Try to lob occasionally. Pass L1 or Lb more frequently. Given how aggressive this formation is, don’t be shocked if you get caught in a counterattack.

Reduce the defensive depth to 50 and put Stay Back on the fullbacks if you are getting caught too frequently. While you are building up, you need to work out the build-up in your head.

I’m trying to imply that you need to consider your options completely. You just cannot keep moving around aimlessly without a plan to prepare for an assault.

Last Updated on October 26, 2022

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