FIFA 23 | 4-5-1 Meta Formation Guide

With HyperMotion2 Technology, which increases gameplay realism, the upcoming men’s and women’s FIFA World CupsTM, women’s club teams, cross-play features*, and more, FIFA 23 brings The World’s Game to the field.

The most meta 4-5-1 Custom Tactics for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team are available here. I have the ideal guide for you. To learn what can be the greatest strategies to employ this year in FUT using the 4-5-1 formation, read this article.

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Best Custom Tactics, Player Instructions & More For 4-5-1 Formation In FIFA 23

The best formation you might choose in terms of links is the 4-5-1 arrangement. In past FIFAs, this had been the main focus. But this year, everything is totally different. In no professional games or even online in FUT, was this formation ever employed.

The player AI in this arrangement was never good, which is the fundamental explanation. The CAMs and side midfiedlers both used to push to the sidelines and stand there, leaving a massive void in the middle. This caused the configuration to drastically lose both its defensive and attacking strength.

To my surprise, the players moved fairly effectively in this arrangement, contrary to what I had assumed, that EA might not have repaired it this year as well. Although not as frequently as in recent years, they did move to the sidelines.

In other words, this formation is now playable in FUT and, with the appropriate set of tactics, could easily rank among the best for offence.

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Meta Custom Tactics for the 4-5-1 Formation in FUT 23:

Defense-wise, this formation is quite unsound. So, when defending, you must exercise extreme caution. On counters, you run the risk of getting caught and giving the ball away. We would therefore strive to keep it secure.

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  • A Balanced Defensive Style is ideal.
  • The Width must be 45.
  • Depth needs to be 51.
  • With this formation, going too high will make you easily countered.


  • Balanced Build Up Play is necessary.
  • The only method to stop the players from often heading for the sidelines is in this manner.
  • Maintain a Balanced Chance Creation setting.
  • I checked with low Width, and the Width should be 58.
  • Players in the box should be six, as the CAMs become congested in the centre and you won’t be able to distribute the ball.
  • Don’t overcommit, please.

Player Instructions for 4-5-1 formation:

Follow these guidelines:

  • Back 4 on the Stay Back While Attacking setting.
  • While attacking, have the CM set to Stay Back and Cover Centre.
  • RAM, CAM, LM, and RM ought to be on Balanced.
  • ST ought to only be on Stay Central.

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In FUT 23, here’s how to use the 4-5-1 Formation:

For wing play, this formation works quite well. Try to sprint from the wing to the goal. Just make a cutback pass when you are nearly at the goal line to score. Although a little sweaty, why not. It’s not as if your adversary wouldn’t. 

The athletes would disperse and advance toward the sidelines. Though not as frequently as before, they still do. At this point, you should pass to the flanks and try to find a through ball to the CAM for a clear shot at the goal. Try not to play too quickly or slowly.

All you have to do is adjust to how your players move. For novices, this configuration is not the most useful. However, if you have prior FIFA experience, you should be able to manage the player movement rather effortlessly.

This may be a pretty effective offensive formation if you’ve done that. Avoid using this configuration when you are protecting a lead.

I sincerely hope the advice was useful. Please share your thoughts in the comments box below. For more FIFA 23-related guides throughout the year, follow

Last Updated on October 8, 2022

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