FIFA 23: How To Get Complete Chemistry In FUT Mode

The release of FIFA 23 has left the footballing world in a tizzy as is always the case. There are a lot of new and exciting features, alongside the revamped graphics which get more lifelike each year. FIFA 23 will also contain player cards made in collaboration with Marvel, the introduction of Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond, women’s football expanded and more.

Therefore, there is a lot riding on the game play, more so given the fact that this is a the final collaboration between FIFA and EA Sports. A key part of playing Ultimate Team (FUT) and acing it is the team ‘Chemistry’ option. Players spend many hours racking their brains to get the best lineup possible, which performs to its fullest capabilities. In that regard, the following guide will help players in understanding the newly remodeled Chemistry system in FIFA 23.

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FIFA 23: All about the new Chemistry System

The game has placed a great emphasis on the position of the players, so each card has to be placed very thoughtfully. Getting the Chemistry setting as high as possible can be the difference between winning and losing.

You can achieve a maximum of 33/33 Chemistry, meaning each player can contribute +3 Chemistry points. In order to get the points fully working, you will have to be very careful when you assemble the whole squad. The list below shows how the new Chemistry system works in FIFA 23:

  • +1 chemistry: Two players from the same club or nation
  • +1 chemistry: Three players from the same league
  • +2  chemistry: Four players from a single team
  • +2 chemistry: Five players from one country or league
  • +3 chemistry: Seven players from the same club
  • +3 chemistry: Eight players from a single nation or league

Therefore, it is clear that there have been big updates to the way Chemistry is given, meaning you should be able to achieve more Chemistry better than before. However, another key change has been the the removal of separate individual links among cards and players in FIFA 23.

This is to say that your team’s centre-back will be able to make up Chemistry points with your attacking midfielder in FUT mode, given that any of the aforementioned points are satisfied beforehand. This is a big departure from the old systems of maximizing Chemistry which rested upon the different cards being linked and placed together, which left the non-linked cards not able to make full use of the big boosts.

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FIFA 23 - Chemistry system points

FIFA 23: Position matters in Chemistry system

As mentioned above, you will have to place a player in their given position which will be a big help to your Chemistry system. By default, all players have a position to start with, which can be modified into two-three other choices later on.

The risk of displacing a player from his/her original position is that you will lose all the Chemistry points that they would have added to the team. This will not influence the team rating, but your Chemistry will go down noticeably. If you wish to change the position of a player, make use of the “Player Modifier” consumable which is a very effective tool in these types of situations.

FIFA 23: Using Icons, Heroes, and managers

Players will always be able to rely on their Icons, managers, and Heroes in order to boost their Chemistry ratings in the game. Managers will fall under the same conditions given above, and fall in the category of both country and league, meaning squad members will benefit on each count. It is a great choice for those who want to use hybrid formations.

FIFA 23 - Position modifier

Icons are the extremely special edition cards of legendary footballers who are known worldwide over many years. As has been the case over the recent editions of FIFA, they will keep providing perfect linkup Chemistry in the FUT mode.

There’s a telling difference between Heroes and Icons. The latter will act as two players of their respective country and give Chemistry to other players from that nation. On the other hand, Heroes impart the same characteristics for the players who ply their trade in the same league as the Hero player.

Thus, that is all players must do in order to better your Chemistry system as much as possible. You will be able to figure out what method works best for you as you continue playing the game with time. There will be some heavy duty thinking in the first few tryouts, but do not give up hope. Keeping playing and earning coins to spend, which will benefit all parties.

Last Updated on September 28, 2022

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