Valkyrie Elysium – Can you Transfer Demo Progress To Full Game

I have played the Demo Version of the much-awaited RPG game from Square Enix called Valkyrie Elysium. I was surprised to see such amazing graphics and mechanics from the game. Square Enix has done a good job in balancing the gameplay with the fairly paced storyline so far.

Since this is just the Demo version of the game and the main game can be different from this one, I have my hopes high for this franchise to do well in the long run. As far as I have heard, Valkyrie Elysium has a total playtime of 20 hours, which is decent given that it is a single-player RPG-Style game.

If you are like me and have tested the Demo of the game, you may be wondering if you can carry over your Demo progress to the full version of the game. Well, I will answer your question in this post as well as show you some potential ways of how to transfer it in the first place. Let us take a look.

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Can you Transfer Demo Progress To the Full Version of Valkyrie Elysium?

The simple answer to this question is YES. You can do this easily as the developers have stated themselves inside the game. But the main question here is what can be transferred and what will remain with the DEMO of the game. Here is a list of things you can Transfer and some things you cannot:

  • Weapons
  • Equipment
  • Items
  • Skills

All of the features listed above CAN BE transferred to the full version of the game if you decide to purchase it from the store.

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There are, however, certain items or features of the game progress that cannot be transferred to the full version of Valkyrie Elysium. I am guessing they will be the in-game currencies that you would have farmed or some of the collectibles that were available during the DEMO of the game. If this is not the case, I will stand corrected and make sure to update this post.

Here is the official game statement that it shows you while playing the DEMO of the game:

Save Data created in the demo version can be transferred to the full version. If you wish to transfer save data from the demo version to the full version, please do not delete it before transfering it to the full version. Some content cannot be transfered.

– In-Game Message Pop Up

Valkyrie Elysium Demo Transfer Progress Message

I hope this post has helped you clear out your doubt about the transfer progress system from the demo to the full version for Valkyrie Elysium. Thanks for reading the guide and leave your thoughts or questions in the comments below. For more of such guides, stay posted with Gamertagzero!

Last Updated on September 29, 2022

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