Final Fantasy (FF) 16 – How To Stagger Enemies

One of the most invaluable combat skills you can acquire in Final Fantasy XVI is the ability to stagger enemies. Staggering involves breaking an opponent’s will, causing them to lose their balance and fall momentarily.

This presents a perfect opportunity for you to unleash a relentless onslaught of attacks that deal additional damage, all while minimizing the threat of retaliation.

How To Stagger Enemies in Final Fantasy (FF) 16

In this detailed Final Fantasy XVI guide, we will delve into everything you need to know about staggering even the most formidable adversaries, equipping you with the knowledge to emerge victorious in battle.

Understanding the Staggering Mechanism

To effectively stagger an enemy, your primary objective is to deplete their Will Gauge, represented by a yellow bar beneath their HP.

Every successful strike you land on your opponent gradually chips away at their Will Gauge, albeit with varying degrees of impact depending on the specific type of attack employed.

As you persist in depleting the gauge, a critical moment arrives when it reaches empty, resulting in the enemy becoming staggered. This state causes them to lose their footing, stumbling to the ground momentarily as they strive to regain their balance.

Exploiting the Staggered State

Once successfully staggered an enemy, your damage output significantly boosts up to 150%. This heightened vulnerability of your foe presents an opportune moment to unleash a barrage of your most potent attacks, maximizing the inflicted damage without fear of immediate retaliation.

However, it is crucial to remember that enemies will only remain staggered for a limited duration, typically around ten seconds or less. This brief window emphasizes the importance of acting swiftly and decisively, capitalizing on the opportunity to unleash a relentless flurry of devastating attacks before the enemy recovers their composure.

Tips for Effective Staggering

They are lowering the opponent’s Will Gauge to halfway will momentarily destabilize them, causing them to lose their balance and creating an opening for you to land additional hits.

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To further exploit this situation, consider employing Garuda’s Deadly Embrace technique while your adversary is off balance. This move can pull your opponent to the ground, extending their vulnerable state.

While the opponent’s Will Gauge gradually decreases over time, regardless of the moves used, you can expedite the process by utilizing specific battle techniques.

For instance, executing precision dodges, well-timed parries, and chaining together powerful combos significantly accelerates the depletion of the Will Gauge compared to relying solely on Clive’s sword strikes.

If you aim to stagger an opponent quickly, Eikonic Abilities are invaluable. When choosing your Eikonic Abilities from the Ability Tree, take note of the two-star ratings associated with each move.

The first star rating indicates the movement’s inherent strength, while the second rating provides insight into its effectiveness in depleting the opponent’s Will Gauge. Striking a balance between these two types of abilities allows you to stagger enemies at an accelerated pace, maximizing the physical damage inflicted once they are brought down.

The Limit Break ability also possesses unparalleled potential in swiftly obliterating an opponent’s Will Gauge. However, reserving this devastating move for a strategic moment may be prudent, such as when the enemy is already staggered.

By doing so, you can capitalize on the heightened vulnerability of the foe, ensuring that an even more significant amount of damage is inflicted upon them.

You gain a formidable advantage in combat by mastering the art of staggering enemies in Final Fantasy XVI. Utilize these techniques and strategies to their fullest extent, and you will find yourself prevailing over even the most formidable adversaries that cross your path.

Last Updated on June 26, 2023

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