Fix WWE 2K24 Online Crash Issues: Proven Methods for Stable Gameplays

Believe me, I share the same frustration as many others when it comes to server instability. Yet, through some thorough playtesting, I’ve identified some potential solutions that could improve everyone’s online experience by steering clear of these common issues I’ve come across.

How To Avoid Regular Online Crashes In WWE 2K24

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General Steps:

Consider these general actions to enhance your online gaming experience:

Firstly, before initiating a match, it’s advisable to disconnect your keyboard. This precaution minimizes the likelihood of controls unexpectedly halting or inadvertently switching to keyboard inputs.

Additionally, refrain from unplugging and then reinserting your USB controller during gameplay. Doing so can result in your game freezing, especially if you’re encountering issues where keyboard inputs take precedence.

Furthermore, it’s important to review your deletion utility for Created Superstars (CAWs) that exceed a file size of 1 MB. Removing these oversized CAWs is crucial, as they could be considered “corrupted” and may contribute to online connectivity issues.

Ranked Faction Wars

When participating in ranked faction wars, it’s essential to adhere to certain guidelines:

Avoid dragging your opponent at all costs, as doing so can trigger an immediate server freeze. This issue may necessitate certain actions being disabled on the server side to prevent such occurrences.

Furthermore, refrain from unplugging your controller during gameplay, as this action can lead to your game freezing. In some cases, you might even lose the match as a result.

Online Matchmaking

When engaging in online matchmaking, it’s important to be aware of the following:

Custom Arenas have the potential to cause disconnects, occasionally resulting in matches against AI opponents instead of human players.

CAWs featuring Face Capture (FC) can lead to lobby crashes. This issue persists regardless of whether the FC CAW is uploaded, though having a Custom Portrait may potentially alleviate these crashes, as suggested for future iterations.

In Special Guest Referee matches, initiating the match means assuming the role of the referee. This clarification is crucial as some players may mistakenly believe they’re participating in the fight itself.

Avoid unplugging and reinserting your USB controller during gameplay, as it can result in your game freezing, particularly if you’re experiencing issues with keyboard input.

If an opponent backs out of a match just before the timer expires, it may cause your game to enter a loop. This situation commonly occurs when the departing player mistakenly believes you’re a friend joining their session.

Lastly, be cautious when bridging too many ladders and attempting to set up another ladder to climb the ringside. This action may cause your game to freeze, possibly due to interactions involving multiple objects.

Recommended Lobby Settings:

Here are the recommended lobby settings for the best online experience:

  • Edited/Created Superstars: Not Allowed. If allowed, it’s advisable to require Custom Portraits to maintain consistency.
  • Gender: No Preference.
  • Select Referee: No Preference.
  • Overall Limit: None. However, if necessary, consider setting it between 90-95 to prevent overpowered Created Superstars.
  • Ramp Camera: Enabled. While there’s no strong preference, this setting can enhance the gameplay experience in multi-man matches.
  • Entrance: Enabled. This setting aids in ensuring matches load properly, even if entrances are skipped.
  • Victory: Disabled. This helps matches conclude smoothly.
  • Blood: Disabled.
  • Pin Minigame: Timed. While Rapid can be engaging, it can also be fatiguing over time. However, it does add an element of intensity to matches. Consider player preference when deciding on this setting.
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Additional Info:

These findings and recommendations may expand over time as the game receives updates and further issues are uncovered. Interestingly, in a different game I’ve played, developers disabled certain offline attacks in online matches for reasons that weren’t explicitly stated. It’s plausible that similar issues exist in this game, where certain animations or additional grapple steps fail to properly synchronize with the servers.

This discrepancy could potentially explain why some online matches switch to the RAPID – Kick Out mechanic even when it’s intended to be set as TIMED. It’s worth keeping an eye on future developments and updates for any changes or improvements in the online gaming experience.

WWE2K24 – Online Crashes FAQ

How can I resolve WWE 2K24 online crashes?

To troubleshoot WWE 2K24 online crashes, consider these steps:
Ensure a stable internet connection.
Update the game to the latest version.
Restart your gaming device and router.
Clear the game’s cache and temporary files.
Disable any background applications that could impact performance.

What causes WWE 2K24 to crash online?

WWE 2K24 might crash online due to several factors, such as network issues, software glitches, outdated game versions, or insufficient system resources. Ensuring a stable internet connection, updating the game, and optimizing device performance can help mitigate these issues.

Is there a patch available to fix WWE 2K24 online crashes?

Developers often release patches and updates to address performance issues and bugs, including online crashes. Stay updated by checking for patches or updates through official game channels or platforms like Steam, PlayStation Network, or Xbox Live.

Can using a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi help prevent WWE 2K24 online crashes?

Yes, a wired connection can offer a more stable internet connection compared to Wi-Fi, potentially reducing online crashes in WWE 2K24. Connecting your gaming device directly to the router via an Ethernet cable can minimize latency and packet loss, enhancing overall online gameplay.

Are there any known server issues causing WWE 2K24 online crashes?

Server issues may contribute to WWE 2K24 online crashes, especially during peak usage times or maintenance. Check official announcements from the game’s developers or community forums for updates on server status and any ongoing issues.

Last Updated on March 25, 2024

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