FNAF: Security Breach Complete Achievements Guide

Welcome to Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF): Security Breach’s complete achievement guide. These achievements are mixed ranging from easy, all the way to tough ones as well. These objectives are mostly completed.

Some achievements which are work in progress, can be possibly updated in the future. To get those updates, keep this page bookmarked for the latest FNAF achievements.

FNAF Security breach complete achievements guide

FNAF: Security Breach Complete Achievements Guide⇓

These are the main FNAF Achievements you need to look out for. Some are almost completed, and as soon as I get to know more, I will be updating this post. Take a look at all the FNAF achievements.


fnaf surprise achievement

  • To get this achievement, Get jump Scared.

This is an unmissable achievement and all you need to do is get jump scared. This achievement is quite easy in FNAF since this is bound to happen


dodge and weave fnaf achievement

  • To get this achievement, Successfully evade a bot in pursuit.

You’ll need to complete the first chase sequence in order to receive this achievement. You will be chased by a bot and evading is all you need to do to achieve this one. Quite easy in my opinion.


  • To get this achievement, Escape the Daycare

This is  the section where you need to find 5 generators inside the Daycare. After activating the generators, you’ll earn this achievement as well as clear the FNAF stage in the daycare. Two birds with one stone!


  • To get this achievement, Make a pizza!

The “Prize Counter” is the only achievement in this category that you don’t earn by playing the game normally. After you have baked your first pizza, you will have to choose between the “Prize Counter” and the “Loading Dock”.

Go to the “Loading Dock” so you can complete the rest of the achievements in this category.


  • Escape the Prize Counter office.

The Prize Counter is where you’ll find the options of “Loading Dock” or “Prize Counter”. After you complete the security office mini-game, you will get this achievement.


  • Find a party pass.

If you use the vent in Freddy’s room, you can find the first party pass in Chica’s room. This achievement will be earned when you pick it up.


  • Beat Fazer Blast.

If you have the option of choosing “Monty Golf” or “Fazer Blast”, you should go to Fazer Blast. You will earn this achievement after you play as normal and complete the mini-game.


  • Enter the bakery for the first time.

If you just enter the bakery, this achievement gets unlocked instantly. there is no rocket science behind this one!


  • Stun 4 bots with a single camera flash.

As you can see, this achievement is quite self-explanatory. Still, stun 4 of ANY robot with a single camera flash to earn this achievement. One of the simplest way for doing this is to find a big group of staff bots and stun them all at once.


There are the shatter boss missions you need to do and complete to get the SPEAK, CLAW, AND SEE NO EVIL achievements. The icons indicate the names and hence the achievements.

  • Chica – Complete the Chica boss fight to get this FNAF Achievement. (SPEAK)

  • Monty – Beat Monty in the boss fight to get this achievement. (CLAW)

  • Roxy – Simply beat Roxy in the boss fight to get and complete this achievement. (SEE NO EVIL)

NOTE: Only two of these can be earned before 6 am. If you want to get the last one, either stay when you’re about to leave or make a new save and do the boss fight.


  • Escape the West Arcade.

You will be able to earn this achievement after you activated all the 4 breaker boxes.


  • Survive until 6:00 am.

The objective here is quite simple. You need to survive until 6:00 am to get this achievement. Take note that, if you manage to just reach the exit door, this will count as completed. You need to need to completely leave for this to count.


  • Freddy is shattered.

You need to get the Disassembled Ending to get this achievement. Here are the things you need to do to get “I AM NOT ME” achievement in FNAF:

  • Completion of the Fazer Blast mini-game is required for this ending to be easy to achieve.
  • Go to the left of the table and follow the vent that leads to the Fazerblaster after it’s obtained.
  • It’s necessary to follow this all the way until a room with a window appears to the side.
  • At this point Gregory will talk about Vanny.
  • This is the indication that it’s completed.

You can add an additional option to the exit text by simply reaching the doors at 6 am. You will earn this achievement if you choose the new option and play until you get to the credits.


  • Get the highest security access possible.

You can earn this FNAF achievement if you simply get security level 8 in the game.


  • Shatter all the animatronics.

Complete all the boss fights for their respective animatronics. I think this will be the only way to shatter the animatronics. Take this as a part of the game and complete all the boss fights to get this specific achievement.


  • Maintenance log: Princess Quest 2 – Out of order.

Complete the first two princess quest arcade machines in order to get and complete this achievement. Here are the FNAF double edges sword machine locations:

  • The first machine is located in the Glamrock Beauty Salon near Roxy Raceway
  • The second machine is in the third floor of the West Arcade.

NOTE: If you want to play the second machine, you have to complete the first princess quest and the music man chase sequence.


  • Maintenance log: Balloon World – Out of Order.

To get this achievement, you need to complete the Ballon World arcade machine at the daycare theater to earn this. In order for the door you need to open, you must use your camera on all of the pirate cutouts around the pizzaplex.

If you are wondering how the door looks like, here is one:

The first thing you would need is a FazCam to use on the cut-outs. You need to take pictures of 4 different cut-outs which are spread all around the mall. What are the locations you may ask, well here are the locations for the mall cut-outs:

  • Daycare Theater Basement in a Storeroom
  • Kids Cove Area by Monty Golf
  • End of the Long Hallway Upstairs inside the West Arcade
  • Area Behind Rockstar Row by a Save Point

After you take the pictures of the cut-outs their eyes will start to glow. The same thing will happen to the doorway I have shown above. interact with that and enter the doorway. Next you need to do the following:

  • Keep going down and into a small tunnel.
  • Follow the tunnel until it opens up to a small room with an arcade machine.
  • Interacting with the arcade machine will start a game
  • Play the game and try to hit and reach the purple cracks or glitches in the game:

Interacting with this purple crack will help you complete this achievement!


  • Complete the Fizzy Faz Challenge.

Make a visit to the pizzaplex, and drink every fizzyfaz. You can track your progress with your fazwatch, and if you drink three, you get the achievement. Here are the known locations for Fizzyfaz:

  • Freddy: Loading Docks
  • Monty: El Chips
  • Roxy: Roxy Raceway


  • Get a low score on golf.

Quite a self explanatory achievement and as you have read, you need to get a low score in the golf game. You need to Go to the “Monty’s Gator Golf” arcade machine. This is located inside of the Monty Golf area.

  • Note that low score in golf means that you have hit the lowest shots possible so try your best to do that.


  • Find the source of Roxy Raceway’s problems.

Use the three shattered animatronics parts to gain access to the elevator at Roxy Raceway. That is all there to this achievement.


  • Get the GOOD ending.

You need to get the good ending for FNAF to earn this achievement. You must play all three Princess Quest machines around the map to get to this ending. Here are the locations for the machines:

  • Glamrock is a beauty salon that you need to find. This is near the Roxy Raceway. Inside this Salon will be your first machine.
  • DJ Music Man’s arcade is the second location for this achievement in FNAF.
  • Third and final machine is at the end of the Disassembled ending, in the room with the button.

Take careful note that all the three machines must be played in order. If you mess up the order, you will not get this achievement.


  • Zap a performer in the theater.

One of the simplest ways to get this achievement is by shooting the staff bot preforming at the daycare theater. Use a fazblaster on the bot and zap him to earn this FNAF achievement.


  • Break 10 plates.

Quite a self explanatory achievement which requires you to break 10 plates in order to complete this one. Not hard to do at all.


  • Never use a hiding spot.

This can be tough to do, but all you need to do is complete the game with using a single hiding spot throughout your playthrough. That is the only way to get this achievement.


  • Find all collectible messages.

This is the one which is a work in progress, and we need a collectibles guides to do this one. if you have managed to complete this, do mention in the comments below.


  • Find all prizes in the game.

You need to find all the prizes in the game to complete this achievement.


  • Get all other achievements in the game.

Getting all the achievements in the game will help you get the last and final achievement for FNAF: Security breach.

There are some pending sub-sections which are works in progress. As I find out more from the fellow players and the community, I will update this post. You can also comment down if you have additions to make.

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Last Updated on January 15, 2022

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  1. I did indeed manage to complete lost and found, it’s not that hard considering the messages are usually put in quite visible locations

    1. You should find stacked plates at the top of shelves. Press “X” button for distraction. The “X” can be the button you use to interact with objects.

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