Forspoken | Beginner’s Tips, Tricks And Strategies

Forspoken is an action RPG role-playing game developed by Luminous Productions and published by Square Enix. Forspoken recounts the adventures of Frey, a young New Yorker who travels to the stunning yet unforgiving land of Athia. These Forspoken Beginners Tips will be quite helpful for you if you’ve only recently begun playing. 


Beginner’s Guide, Tips & Strategies For Forspoken

There are some beginner tips for Forspoken in this post. It includes helpful tips and information for new players that may be helpful in the early going.

Utilize healing potions to restore health

Make sure to have a recovery potion ready before the fight since if Frey’s physical strength drops to zero, the game will be ended. The potions in your inventory can be consumed using the directional pad.

Gather materials as you explore

Athia offers a variety of materials that you can gather as you move around. These materials can be used to manufacture potions, design nails, and even upgrade Frey’s armor (coat and necklace), so look for areas to acquire resources. Additionally, materials can be acquired by eliminating specific foes.

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To rest or take a break, set up camp

You can use the nearby directional pad to use clean wood to build a campfire. Frey is able to rest and recover her health by doing this. Please be aware that if there are enemies nearby, you cannot camp.

Engage the Founts of Blessing

There are blessing fountains located all across Athia, and Frey can learn new spells by touching them.

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Watch Out For Nightmares

The formidable foes you encounter as you go through the miasma Realms in Forspoken are Nightmares. Fighting this opponent requires Frey to use all of her fighting skills, so use caution. Avoid regions blanketed in fog until you are strong enough to face Nightmares if you don’t feel confident doing so.

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Tools can be improved and made at Pilgrim’s Refuge

Frey can safely create things and improve equipment at the Pilgrim’s Refuge using resources obtained nearby. Feel free to pause and take a breath in these areas since enemies cannot access them. When you find a Refuge spot, it is indicated for quick travel on your map.

Spellcraft Challenges to Improve Your Magic

By successfully completing Spellcraft challenges earned by gathering antiquated manuscripts around the game, Frey’s (Purple) and Sila’s (Red) magic can be improved. To view all currently open challenges, open the magic menu.

Eliminate Fall Damage

If Frey doesn’t have the strength to utilize Magic Parkour, falling from a height will cause her to sustain severe injuries. Always monitor your stamina as you travel over the expansive landscape of Athia to prevent this.

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Tantus Monuments to Touch

Sacred stones known as Tantus Monuments have been tainted by Break and still retain some of Tantus’ power. When the monument’s curse is broken, Frey can absorb its power to boost her stats permanently, including her strength, defense, and magical power.

Investigate the map to find rewards

These extra missions frequently call for you to kill foes, save the citizens of Athia from hordes of monsters, or race along a set path before time runs out as you explore the lovely and harsh kingdom of Athia. So that you don’t miss any of these optional events, take your time and get as far as you can, using Frey’s powers.


We hope you found these hints, which included advice for Forspoken Beginners and suggestions for new players during the early portions of the game’s main story, to be helpful. 

Last Updated on January 24, 2023

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