Forspoken – Keybinds and Controls for PS5 (Controller)

Forspoken is an RPG action game by Square Enix, where you get to play Frey as she embarks on a journey across multiple environments. Controlling the character, in this case, Frey, is the key to beating this game. This guide will see the entire list of keybinds and controls for Forspoken for PS5 so that you know how to traverse the world and fight enemies proficiently.

Keybinds and Controls for Forspoken in PS5 or Controller

The game will give you a small tutorial on movement and combat mechanics, but in my opinion, it is not enough since you can do a lot more than the game does not tell you.

These keybinds and precise controls will help you figure out which buttons do what and, in turn, help you enjoy Forspoken properly.

Keybind / ControlsAction / Usage
L2 Activate Support Magic
L1 (Hold)Change Support Magic
L2 + R2Cast Magic (When Fully Charged)
R2Activate Attack Magic
R1 (Hold)Change Attack Magic
R2 Charge (Hold) + R3Focus on Target (Lockon)
R2 Charge (Hold) + △Cancel Lock On
◯ HoldMagic Parkour
D-PAD UPCuff Scan
D-PAD UP HoldCuff Compass
D-PAD Left and RightSwitch Spell Set
D-PAD DownUse Healing Draught
D-PAD Down HoldSet Up Camera
Left StickMovement
Right StickCamera Movement
R3Camera Lock-On
Track Pad PressOpen Main Menu
OptionsOpen Option Menu
Track Pad MovementSwitch Spell Set

These are the roots of the movement, utility, and combat binds for PS5, or should I say, any controller. if you happen to use an XBOX controller or the entire console, similar settings will apply there.

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Here are the rest of the settings for reference:

Gameplay Balance Settings

  • Difficulty – Preference
  • Aim Assist – On (I Keep this one for ease of playing the game)
  • Spell-Switching Slowdown – Default (which is Slow)
  • Damage Received – Default
  • Stamina Recovery Speed – Fast
  • Automatically Use Healing Items – Off
  • Enemy Knockdown Time – Default
  • Automatic Support Spell Switching – Off
  • Auto-Evasion – Off

As you can see, the game has made it quite evident that it wants to help you even further in enjoying the game. The choice is yours regarding how much help you want from the game.

Since I could not figure out all of these settings straight out of the game or the tutorial itself, making this guide was necessary for me to help out all players looking for a quick reference.

I hope this will help you figure out Forspoken’s binds and controls. Let me know how you are enjoying the game. Thanks for reading, and I will see you with more Forspoken Guides.


Last Updated on January 24, 2023

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