Forspoken: How To Improve Combat Grade

The next big launch from Square Enix will be on January 24. The highly anticipated adventure RPG, Forspoken, which sees travel across different worlds, is coming to PS5 and Windows.

Players have to get into combat mode as they fight the many enemies in Athia, the new world where the bulk of the action takes place. It will help if you keep leveling up to survive the conditions and make good progress. The one thing that will help you massively in this regard is your Combat Grade; bettering it as much as possible is critical. 

Forspoken - Combat Grade

Forspoken: How to raise Combat Grade

Players will represent Frey in this open-world thriller with magical powers at their disposal. You will have to use them efficiently, with the cloak being a big help. When you increase your Combat Grade, the EXP earned, and enemy drops become greater.

You will also be able to level up quickly and acquire rarer resources needed for making items. The Combat Grade marker is to the right of the player’s viewing screen. 

Players can do several exact actions to raise their Combat Grade whenever possible. Some examples include dodging the onslaught of enemies by taking advantage of your parkouring prowess, taking down opponents using magical spells they are not immune to, and hitting Killer Blows and Precision Counters.

All of them will give you Combat Grade points which, when combined, make up your Combat Grade. 

The following are some of the activities you can perform that will impact your Combat Grade. 

  • Small rewards: Players hitting opponents from the back or executing Side Strike attacks. 
  • Average rewards: You will have to use several String Spells together or do Support Magic. Even launching into Attack Magic amid parkouring will do the trick. 
  • Big rewards: Players have to escape from Piercing Attacks using Flow alongside doing Surge Magic and landing Killer Blow. 
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Forspoken - Combat Grade points

Forspoken: How to quickly earn more Combat Grade

There are several simple ways to get more Combat Grades in the game. 

  • Players can switch on Auto-Evasion through the Settings menu. This means you can evade opponents’ hits without any help or button required.
  • However, this does not work on attacks that cannot be blocked or dodged, i.e., special attacks during the game. 
  • You can also play Forspoken on ‘Easy’ mode since there is news that when it comes to Combat Grade points, they will be awarded in the same amount no matter the level of difficulty for players.
  • So, playing on ‘Easy’ will allow you to quickly keep getting the best rewards and level up the Combat Grade. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need to increase their Combat Grade in Forspoken. It will be of massive benefit as you progress against more difficult enemies so make sure earning Combat Grade points remains a priority throughout the game. 

Last Updated on January 24, 2023

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