Forspoken: How To Practice And Do Precision Counters

The newest upcoming release from Square Enix is all set to cause a storm with its array of graphical ingenuity. The PC requirements for Forspoken may be a tad out of reach for some, but those eagerly waiting will pull all punches.

With travel across worlds in a free-roam adventure, you will be all set to take down the enemy hard, and one of the must-haves in your arsenal for the same is the Precision Counter. That is why players must learn this well as soon as possible and keep perfecting it to get the maximum benefits. 

Forspoken - Precision Counters

Forspoken: What is the Precision Counter

Playing as Frey and facing off against a myriad of challenges, players must be crafty and careful all the time. The Precision Counter is a great move to evade enemy hits and even increase your health when you land it successfully.

It can be likened to the Cuff Counter but requires much more mastery in the game. Additionally, the bonus of getting your health back to some degree will play a pivotal role in players learning this move quickly and well. 

The developers have even kept a Bronze Trophy which you will be rewarded with once you execute 10 Precision Counters. The Achievement Trophy is called ‘Tit for Tat.’

Forspoken: How to do and practice Precision Encounters

Players who want to learn the Precision Counters will have to be very accurate with their timing, but it is not only about that. While the Cuff Counters only have you hitting the triangle button on the PS5, for Precision Encounters, players have to know their opponent’s windup as they will attack you and have an idea of the time it is will take for it to land. 

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Forspoken - Precision Counters landing

Therefore, Precision Counters will not work if you only hit the abovementioned button when the prompt appears. You will have to familiarize yourself with the start of the attack and how it will impact you, your body shape, and more. This will require a lot of practice, meaning you should not rush into fighting enemies at the early stages. 

Players can learn to do perfect Precision Encounters by encountering the hordes of deer around Athia. They will be of great help, especially with their back-kick attacks. This is where you will have to pay attention closely and notice the windup alongside the strike. Keep practicing for as long as it takes to hit the Precision Counters well. 

You will also be assisted through specific kinds of Nails and Necklaces, which add bonus powers to the Precision Counters. They include being shocked or frozen when landing the accurate Precision Counters. This also gives more options to the players in terms of choosing what loadouts they want to carry. 

Thus, that is all the information players need when mastering Precision Counters. They will be instrumental as you progress further into the game against more difficult enemies. 

Last Updated on January 24, 2023

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