Spider-Man Remastered: All About 14 Suits And Powers

Spider-Man Remastered has been a long-awaited answer to PC players. Fans have been enjoying the adventures of Peter Parker who comes in different suits and powers.

Indeed, players will be able to choose from a wide variety of options when it comes to suits alongside their powers. In that regard, the following guide will help players with unlocking 14 suits and powers.

Spider-Man Remastered - Suits

Spider-Man Remastered: Suits and powers

First things first, all the suits have specific powers which will help in the game’s battles against enemies. Additionally, players will also be able to give specific powers to respective suits if you want to customize the suit according to your needs.

Players will need to collect the necessary amount of Tokens for each suit. They can be earned by completing quests and are of six types:

  • Research Token
  • Crime Token
  • Challenge Token
  • Base Token
  • Backpack Token
  • Landmark Token

However, players will also need to get to the necessary Story level and cap in order to be eligible for the respective suits. Here are all the 14 suits and their specific powers:

  • Advanced Suit and Battle Focus Power: The players have to finish the mission titled “Something Old Something New.” Alongside that, you will have to have one Backpack Token and two Crime Tokens. This suit grants the Battle Focus Power that will help you in generating great focus for healing or defeating enemies quickly.
  • Classic Suit (Damaged): This suit is also available after the aforementioned mission, but it has no power and players will require no Tokens to craft it.
  • Classic Suit (Repaired) and Web Blossom Power: Another suit that players will be receiving after the “Something Old Something New” mission. However, this time, players will require two Backpack Tokens and two Crime Tokens in order to craft it. It has the Web Blossom Power that sees Spider-Man jumping up and using web on all objects around.
  • Noir Suit and Sound of Silence Power: The same brief as the previous ones in the mission. Players require two Backpack Tokens and one Base Token. The Noir Suit has the Sound of Silence which prevents opponents from calling in reinforcements when you are discovered.
  • Scarlet Spider Suit and Holo Decoy Power: The final suit in the list that comes after “Something Old and Something New.” Three Crime Tokens and two Landmark Tokens are needed for this, which has the Holo Decoy Power. They are very useful in stunning enemies which attack you.
  • MKII Suit and Bullet Proof Power: Players will get this suit when they get to Level 5. You will need one Base Token, one Landmark Token, and two Research Tokens. Players will be bulletproof while wearing this suit.
  • Secret War Suit and Arms Race Power: Once you get to Level 7 and have two Backpack Tokens, one Base Token, and two Research Tokens, you will have the means to have this suit. The power of the suit allows you to blast enemies and make weapons useless.
  • Stark Suit and Spider Bro Power: You will required to reach Level 10 and one Base Token, three Crime Tokens, and one Research Token. The power allows players to call upon a drone that takes out enemies with electricity.
  • Negative Suit and Negative Shockwave Power: Players have to get to Level 11 alongside one Base Token, two Landmark Tokens, and one Research Token. The power it has will inflict damage on opponents around you.
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Spider-Man Remastered - Suits and Powers

  • Electrically Insulated Suit and Electric Punch Power: Level 13 is where players need to get with one Base Token, three Crime Tokens, and one Research Token. You will have the power to hit enemies with electrical fists in battles.
  • Spider Punk and Rock Out Power: You will have to get to Level 16 and have two Backpack Tokens, two Landmark Tokens, and three Crime Tokens. The power gives players to whip out his Electric Guitar and use the sound waves to stun opponents.
  • Wrestler Suit and King of the Ring: Level 19 gets you this suit with two Backpack Tokens, two Research Tokens, and two Base Tokens. The ring power allows players to throw enemies entangled in web without webbing them up to begin with.
  • Fear Itself Suit and Quad Damage Power: Players have to get to Level 21. Furthermore, you will also require six Challenge Tokens, three Research Tokens, and two Base Tokens. The power gives you the ability to inflict great damage for a short period of time.
  • Stealth (Big Time) Suit and Blur Projector Power: Once you get to Level 23, players will be getting this suit. Two Base Tokens, four Challenge Tokens, and three Landmark Tokens are the price. The suit has the power to create a bubble around you which makes you invisible to enemies around when you are in it.

Thus, that is all players have to know about the different suits and powers of the game. Players will take their time to adjust to all of them, and can even create one of their own by taking traits from a mix of them.

Last Updated on August 15, 2022

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