Outriders | Unreal Engine/UE4 Crash Fix

Since the launch of Outriders, many players have complained of a mysterious UE4 crash recurring on their systems. The thing is, randomly, the game suddenly freezes and players have this crash report from Unreal Engine that pops up. The crashes appear all the time when they go into the menus (inventory, quest, journal, etc.) How To fix this? Well, I have compiled this guide for you that tackles this pesky crash issue head-on.

How To Fix Unreal Engine Crash In Outriders

Nature and Cause of Crash

The problem is occurring after a sudden black screen, followed by a UE4 Crash. This window usually indicated to either send a report and restart or close the game. One of the causes I found out is using the wrong launch commands in the advanced options or deleting the Intro Video file from the game folder in order to skip the intro cutscene. Since this skip only works for DX11, DX12 players are facing this crashing issue randomly when they do it. There are other unknown causes for this UE4 Crash.


  1. Just verify the game files on Steam to check for missing file errors. Open Epic and update Unreal Engine which can be found in the Library. Proceed to Update all the drivers if you have not done so.
  2. Have you updated your graphic card drivers yet? For me personally, I used the latest updated graphic card drivers while playing the game so everything ran smoothly. If not, then do it immediately.
  3.  Go into your game folder ( D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\OUTRIDERS Demo) and right-click on “OUTRIDERS-Win64-Shipping” -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Check “Run this program as an administrator” -> launch the game from the .exe
  4. Make sure to restart your computer after any update. Avoid running too many programs in the background especially your web browser (Chrome/Opera/Firefox). Also, lower your fps in-game.

  5. You may contact the devs about the issue if nothing else works.

For a majority of the players, these fixes should resolve the issue. However, in the far-off chance that they don’t, I recommend you write to the developers of the game for an urgent resolution. These are some solutions found by other players with the same issues and they might work for you too. Since they limit your fps, force a resolution and DX12 that you may not be able to run correctly, try the ones above first and if it doesn’t fix it, try the latter ones.  If the errors come back, do write to us. I will update this post with the latest resolution as they come up.

Taking your leave for now. Cheers!

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