Forspoken: List Of All Spellcraft Challenges

The upcoming mega release of Forspoken  has been much hyped over the past few weeks and months. The system requirements for PC players are really something which has left players gasping for new upgrades. Nevertheless, the gameplay has been praised around the world through its demo and trailer. That is why prospective players are prowling the internet to find any news surrounding the game.

Playing as Frey, you will be journeying across New York and Athia in this open world blockbuster, using your spells and attacks to take down enemies. There are a number of spellcraft challenges present as well which would allow you to get good rewards each time you level up. 

Forspoken - Spellcraft Challenges

Forspoken: What are the Spellcraft Challenges

There are a number of Spellcraft Challenges in the game for both Frey (Purple) and Sila (Red). Once you upgrade the given spells, there will be rewards for you as well depending on whether it was a part of Magic Parkour, Defensive or Offensive Spellcraft. Every challenge has different kinds of rewards which will benefit you over the course of the game. 

Forspoken: What are Frey’s Purple Magic Spellcraft Challenges

Offensive Spellcraft

  • Scatter Shot: Players have to inflict 10,000 damage on enemies
  • Shot: You will have to strike enemies 35 times while doing Magic Parkour
  • Shield Shot: You will have to knock down enemies a total of 25 times
  • Scatter Shot Level 2: Players have 60 seconds to inflict 1500 damage on enemies
  • Shield Shot Level 2: Use counterattack to take down enemies a total of 15 times
  • Burst Shot Level 2: Strike 10 times repeatedly on 3 enemies
  • Scatter Shot Level 3: You will have to execute a penetrating attack 20 times on two or more enemies
  • Burst Shot Level 3: Attack enemies from the back 45 times
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 All the spellcraft challenges given here will reward players with increased damage during attacks and increase the abilities of Purple Magic by one each. That is why it is important to keep upgrading them whenever possible to take on tougher opponents. 

Forspoken - Spellcraft challenges rewards

Magic Parkour Spellcraft

  • Leap: Players have to climb over a distance of 500m 
  • Shimmy: Do the shimmy 50 times
  • Flow: You will have to use Magic Parkour in order to dodge attacks 25 times

All the spellcraft challenges in this category will give players a quicker rate of recovering stamina alongside gaining Purple Magic by one score each.

Defensive Spellcraft

  • Blind: You will have to bound enemies from the back alongside dealing 1000 damage

There are some other types of spellcraft challenges as well which are listed below: 

  • Rarify: Craft Breakshards 20 times to better the value of it
  • Modify: You will have to modify a type of Breakshards by crafting 15 times
  • Genesis Level 1: Hit the weak points of enemies through the Purple Magic
  • Genesis Level 3: Inflict a total of 30,000 damage on enemies 

Like the aforementioned offensive spellcraft challenges, these will also give players more damage inflicting powers and Purple Magic points. 

Sila’s Red Spellcraft Challeges are yet to be updated and we will be back with more information regarding the same. In the meantime, that is all the details players would need in terms of Frey’s abilities with Purple Magic. It will a great help for players to complete them as early as possible in the game. 

Last Updated on January 24, 2023

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