Forspoken | How To Level Up Fast And Reduce Cuff Dialogue

A fast-leveling guide for Forspoken is provided on this page, along with advice on efficient farming of experience (EXP), how to level up rapidly, and other helpful hints. You may also find how to reduce Cuff dialogue in Forspoken from this guide. So check them out below, and don’t forget to comment. 


How To Level Up Fast & Reduce Cuff Dialogue in Forspoken

Ways to Level Up Fast

Win battles

Just winning battles will give you enough EXP to level up. Remember that the quantity of experience points you receive for finishing each fight depends on your combat grade, which is displayed on the right side of the screen. You can activate EXP and drop rate multipliers by defeating foes successfully in the game. 

Be aware that your effectiveness in combat is assessed based on various elements, including how frequently you successfully execute flawless evasions and maneuvers and how frequently you successfully hit targets with specific attacks and spells.

Turn on Auto-Evasion to improve Combat Grade.

It is advised to enable Auto-Evasion in the game’s settings for a better possibility of triggering EXP and drop rate bonus multipliers. By doing this, Frey will automatically deflect incoming strikes (except opponent attacks that cannot be blocked or deflected), making it simpler to achieve high Combat Grades in combat.

Lower the difficulty

To get EXP more quickly, you can also lower the game’s difficulty because the adversaries you encounter have lower HP and damage output. If you want to go with the main storyline after that, change the difficulty setting once more.

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How to Reduce Cuff Dialogue

An explanation of how to lower the amount of Cuff chat in Forspoken, along with instructions on how to use the settings menu’s Cuff Chatter Frequency choices.

Adjustments can be made in the game’s accessibility settings

By accessing the accessibility settings from the game’s start screen, you can reduce the number of chats Cuff has with Frey. If you want to finish the game without any interruptions, you can do this to hear less of Cuff’s talk.

Please be aware that the approach described below for changing Cuff’s dialogue frequency is based on the game’s demo version.

  1. Enter SETTINGS before beginning the game (under LOAD GAME).
  2. Press R1 to switch to the tab for accessibility settings.
  3. Scroll down to Cuff Settings under Accessibility Settings.
  4. Select your preferred Cuff Chat Frequency.
  5. To save the settings, leave the menu.

Cuff Chat Frequency Settings

While wandering the vast open world of Athia, there are a total of four settings that influence how frequently you hear Cuff. These are Minimal, Low, Default, and High, in ascending order of frequency.

You can hear only the crucial dialogue you need to hear while playing on Minimal. High, in contrast, gives Cuff as many opportunities as possible to communicate with Frey through humorous banter and intriguing details about the two’s surroundings and current predicament. 

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Last Updated on January 24, 2023

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