Psychonauts 2 | How To Farm Psitanium

This guide will show how to farm Psitanium and fill the Astral Wallet so that you can buy everything. I have shared a few essential tips for farming Psitanium during and after you beat the game. Psychonauts as a franchise has a massive fan following worldwide and the latest installment has also truly delivered. If you are a fan of this cult hit then you should definitely check out this guide.

Psitanium Farming Guide For Psychonauts 2

Astral Wallet

Upgrade your wallet to the Astral Wallet ASAP. Each of the upgrades (2 in total) is sold in the Otto-Matic. After unlocking the astral wallet, save your Psitanium till you reach 5000/5000. It is quite easy to save up to this level during the game’s main events.

It becomes that much difficult to earn Psitanium once you finish the game. As soon as possible, collect all the supply chest Keys and Unlock all supply Chests. Note that some chests and keys are unavailable until after you have unlocked all the powers. Some chests reward 200+ Psitanium once opened.

Mental Magnet and Mental Tax

At rank 8, purchase and equip the Mental Magnet pin. Try to collect every Psitanium deposit that comes across you. The Questionable Area is a good roaming place to gather deposits. This can be done without the pin, but collecting the deposits is a little annoying. At rank 40, buy and equip the Mental Tax pin.

Chances are high that each mental connection node you pass through will drop 10 Psitanium. You can also trigger the same node multiple times by traveling across it repeatedly. If you have reached the end-game and need to farm Psitanium fast, locate a long enough chain of mental connections and just travel to and fro along with the connections as quickly as possible. You can use a chain of stray thoughts in the QA near the playground.

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VIP Discount and Psimultanium

At rank 50, buy the VIP Discount pin which will help you to reduce the price of all items in the Otto-Matic. This will aid you to purchase all the items. The best part is, you need only wear this pin when you are purchasing items, and you can swap it out for another pin when you are through with shopping. Buy the Psimultanium pin and equip it at rank 52. This pin will double the drop rate of all Psitanium.

Know that you cannot pick up nuggets that would over-fill your wallet. If you ever face a situation where your nuggets are not small enough to get exactly 5000/5000, try burning small objects. They will frequently drop very small amounts of Psitanium. Also remember, burning objects that aren’t destroyed by fire the first time gives you many smaller pieces of Psitanium, in place of one large chunk (say, by smashing them) when you burn them a second time.

If you found this guide useful I am sure you won’t mind leaving a comment to let me know. I will come back with more such guides just for you. Thank you for reading it. Hopefully, you are all keeping in the best of health. I think this is certainly a game that has mesmerized all of us. We are all eagerly waiting for more games like this. Take care and have a good day!

Last Updated on August 29, 2021

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