Helldivers 2- Best Loadouts and How To Unlock Early

Welcome, seasoned Helldiver, to the ultimate guide for mastering Helldivers 2. In this comprehensive walkthrough, we’ll dissect the intricacies of the game, exploring the optimal Stratagems to unlock early, detailed loadouts for diverse scenarios, and invaluable tips to conquer even the most challenging missions, be it solo or cooperative play.

Helldivers 2 – Best Loadouts and How To Unlock Early

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Unlocking the Right Stratagems

Liquid-Ventilated Cockpit (Ship Module)

Navigate to the “Hanger” section and prioritize unlocking the often-overlooked “Liquid-Ventilated Cockpit.” This hidden gem slashes Eagle stratagem cooldowns by a staggering 50%, transforming you into a relentless force with the ability to unleash Eagle Airstrikes at an unprecedented rate.

Recoilless Rifle or Autocannon

Arm yourself strategically by unlocking either the Recoilless Rifle or Autocannon early in the game. The Autocannon stands out as the preferred choice, boasting a superior fire rate and versatility against a myriad of enemy types.

Mortar Sentry for Long-range Defense

Elevate your defensive capabilities with the Mortar Sentry, a turret designed for dominating long-range engagements. Place it strategically on elevated terrain to ensure its effectiveness against distant adversaries.

Best Loadouts for Different Foes

Loadout 1 (Against Terminids)

Armor: Opt for light armor to gain increased sprint speed, allowing you to navigate and outmaneuver swarming Terminids deftly.

Primary: SG-225 Breaker (shotgun) emerges as the weapon of choice for crowd control, unleashing devastating close-quarter firepower.

Secondary: R-63 Diligence (marksman rifle) becomes your go-to for precision shots, ensuring you stay out of harm’s way.

Stratagems: For early-game setups, deploy the Recoilless Rifle, Eagle Airstrike, Orbital Precision Strike, and Mortar Sentry to handle diverse challenges.

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Loadout 2 (Against Automatons)

Armor: Equip heavy armor to fortify your defenses, which is essential when facing the formidable firepower of Automatons.

Primary: Opt for either the SG-225 Breaker (shotgun) or R-63 Diligence (marksman rifle) based on personal preference and playstyle.

Secondary: Arm yourself with the Redeemer (pistol), a fully automatic crowd-control weapon to handle swarming enemies effectively.

Stratagems: In the late game, transition to Autocannon/Recoilless Rifle, Eagle Airstrike, Rocket Sentry, and Eagle 500KG Bomb for a devastating assault on Automaton forces.

Add-Clear, Anti-Tank, and Objective Set Up

Stratagems: Tailor your loadout for maximum efficiency with Railgun/Expendable Anti-Tank, “Guard Dog” Rover, Eagle Airstrike, and Eagle 500KG Bomb.

Stratagem Unlock Priority

  • Emphasize unlocking the Recoilless Rifle or Autocannon early to establish robust anti-armored capabilities.
  • Prioritize the Eagle Airstrike for its low cooldown and versatility against all enemy types.
  • Experiment with Mortar Sentry and Rocket Sentry to gauge their effectiveness in various scenarios, maximizing their potential based on mission requirements.

Additional Useful Stratagems

“Guard Dog” Rover: Deploy this laser-wielding drone when battling bugs, as it excels in rapid add-clear and conserving ammo.

Railgun: Engage larger enemies and Automatons with the Railgun, utilizing its charged armor-piercing shots in “unsafe” mode for maximum impact.

EATs (Expendable Anti-Tank): Excel in Helldive missions where rapid reloads are essential. Clear the way for your team with its two-shot capacity against challenging enemies.


In the relentless and unforgiving landscapes of Helldivers 2, your choices define your destiny. Experiment with diverse loadouts, strategically unlock key Stratagems and adapt your approach based on the unique challenges each mission presents.

Armed with this detailed guide, you’re not just a soldier; you’re a tactical master ready to face the Helldive missions head-on. Good luck, Commander! May your Stratagems be swift, and your victories be legendary.

Last Updated on February 13, 2024

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