Hogwarts Legacy: How To Fix PS5 Touchpad Problem

You will have the help of your trusted potions and flying capabilities, but not everything has been going smoothly.

Players have reported some technical issues with the game, as with most new games. One of the most irritating issues has been the touchpad of the PS5 controller not working. 

Hogwarts Legacy: How to fix PS5 Touchpad problem

There are a large number of players who prefer playing with the touchpad of their controllers for games. That is why this pesky problem needs to be solved urgently.

While the developers have not put out any official solution manual for the same, there are some methods that you can try on your own to fix the issue: 

Hogwarts Legacy - fixing PS5 problem

Reset your controller

Players will have to press the PlayStation and Share buttons together until the controller’s light blinks. The controller has been set back to its default nature, which can solve the problem. 

Update controller drivers

You will have to check the updates associated with your drivers, which may be causing the issue with the touchpad for the game. You can download the latest drivers to avoid causing a problem. 

Reinstall the game

Some problematic files may be the root of the touchpad problem in Hogwarts Legacy. You have outdated and corrupt files that will need replacing, which is why uninstalling and reinstalling the game should help in this regard. With the new files, the touchpad can function smoothly once again. 

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Check your PS5 software.

The console may need an upgrade so players can go to their Settings and check the system’s software for any pending updates. This will automatically help in fixing the controller issue as well. 

Hogwarts Legacy - solutions to touchpad

Fix the sensitivity 

You can change the sensitivity settings of the touchpad by going into Settings and then the Device options, which houses the DualSense Wireless Controller. Here you can increase or decrease the sensitivity level. 

Calibrate your controller

Players can calibrate the controller to get rid of the touchpad not working problem by getting into Devices Settings and then the DualSense Wireless Controller. Choose the “Calibrate Control Sticks” option, and get it up to the desired level. 

Replace your controller

The final step, which is the most extreme, is changing your controller entirely and getting a different one. You can contact the manufacturer for a new one or your friends if they carry extras. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when fixing the touchpad not working issue in Hogwarts Legacy. Some players may have to implement a mix of the listed methods to solve their problem, but it should be done soon.

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Last Updated on February 4, 2024

2 thoughts on “Hogwarts Legacy: How To Fix PS5 Touchpad Problem”

  1. Open map with TouchPad, forced to use TouchPad to navigate the map and CANNOT use stick navigation. Open map with Menu button and navigate to map from there, able to use stick navigation. However, once I open the map via TouchPad, it seems broken and cannot go back to stick navigation until I turn my controller off and back on. Hope this helps others having the same issue.

    1. This advice seems to work best for me. Thank you!
      There seems to be some kind of hidden press on the touchpad which disappears when the controller is reset only to occur when the touchpad is used again.
      I’m guessing this is a manufacturing defect

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