Hogwarts Legacy: Moth Tomb Puzzle Solution – The Helm Of Urktot

One of these quests in Hogwarts Legacy is The Helm of Urktot. Players have to get hold of a special Goblin relic and bring it to Ranrok, who should reveal some secret information to their comrade, Lodgok.

While there are several divisions to this main quest, one of the most challenging portions is how to solve the Moth Tomb puzzle within the Collector’s Cave. 

Hogwarts Legacy: How to solve the Moth Tomb puzzle in The Helm of Urktot

After players enter the Collector’s Cave, they will have to head forward until they get to a closed door with moths.

Turn towards the left path and cast Lumos to pull the third moth back towards the door again. After the moth gets affixed to the door, stop the Lumos spell, and it will release the lock on the door. 

Hogwarts Legacy - Moth Puzzle door

Once inside the door, keep walking down the path till you get to a round-shaped room that houses a huge chest in the middle of it. Players will notice a second door right beyond the chest, but this one will have all three of its moths absent. You must capture the moths and place them on the door to unlock them. 

Finding the first two moths is easy, given that they are present on each side of the round area of the room.

The final one is the trickiest one to find, as it is presently hidden behind a group of broken doors to the right of the moth door.

Players will require the help of Depulso to break through this barrier and get down the hallway to a chamber where a group of undead creatures known as Inferi.

You must burn them using Incendio and Confringo, along with the nearby exploding barrels.

Hogwarts Legacy - Moth puzzle chamber

Hogwarts Legacy: How to gather all the moths

After completing the above steps, cast Lumos to place a moth in the center spot. Use Depulso as you get on the platform to the right, and after it goes higher, you will have to get over the wall and catch the third moth.

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Cast Lumos again to place the moth in the box and gather the other two moths. There is a hanging box in the next room, which you will have to cut down; after it falls, there will come a way to go down

There are more Inferi whom you have to defeat, and you can even earn Dueling Feats by seeing them off within two minutes alongside cutting a frozen opponent, which you can do by using Glacius followed by Diffindo.

Take a moth to set free a contraption that will go high as you cast Depulso. There is a moth there which has its resting place in the right door by using Lumos. 

Hogwarts Legacy - moth puzzle contraption

Another contraption is below, which needs activation via another moth. There is another moth beside the door to the top left. There are four moths around you, meaning you can find one near the door or the contraption.

Once you place it in the door, it opens up to a resting area of the witch, where there is a dead Ashwinder. There is a Signet ring with a Helmet missing.

When you are all set, go behind the coffin and interact with the wall to find yourself in the North Hogwarts area. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when crossing the Moth Tomb puzzle. It is a tricky one, so you may need a couple of tries to get it right, but once you get through it, it is worth the effort.

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Last Updated on February 4, 2024

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