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Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim™ welcomes you on Murderer’s Island. Four incredibly hot killers who, despite their vicious personas, are just looking for a little romance are your traveling companions.
Discover sinister turns as you flirt your way into their hearts. Will you make friends, fall in love, or get hacked to death? This guide shows you how to achieve the good Spirit ending. I’ve seen individuals encountering issues, so hopefully, this advice can be of assistance.
dead by daylight dating sim

How To Achieve The Good Spirit Ending In Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim™


You awaken on a beach of an unfamiliar island. Wiped out of your memories. Your pockets are bare. There isn’t a living person in sight. Except, of course, for the four lecherous Killers who were nearby playing volleyball in the sand.

So who are you? What brought you here? Why is the sea communicating with you? In this darkly humorous adventure, unravel these riddles and learn what makes each character tick as you flirt, bluff, and romance your way into their hearts.

But be careful with your language. This alluring dream could quickly turn into a nightmare because these Killers are equally passionate and strong.

Spirit Ending

Day 1

The method of returning the ball is irrelevant. I like to simply throw it back.

The results of the personality test don’t really matter, but if you want the best for your spirit, here are the solutions:

  • Average
  • Flight
  • History
  • Cat
  • Any, none are related to Spirit
  • Not working at all
  • Vanilla (this is for all of them)
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Selecting the very left-hand option will take you to the bar both times. Spirit doesn’t drink, so none of the options are good, but I always choose the Virgin Daiquiri because it seems to spark the most conversation with her.

Alcohol is not used in Virgin Daiquiri. That is why it causes a lot of Spirit conversation. Spirit enjoys reading Dracula. On Spirit, spin the bottle three times. Simply use your most recent save if you fail (auto-save). Don’t score 100% on the meat-slicing test if you don’t want to get Trapper. Merely avoid total failure. 

Additional dialogue options:

  • I’m sorry
  • You’ve always been alone
  • Nothing but darkness

Select Spirit to share your story.

  • Say nothing. Hug her

Further dialogue options:

  • Who cares

Select Spirit to join you in relaxing by the fire.

Day 2

Further dialogue options:

  • (No effect choose whatever)
  • (No effect choose whatever)

Choose Spirit

Further dialogue options:

  • Thanks
  • Sure, why not?
  • Ask about the shards of glass sticking out from her

Choose Spirit

Further dialogue options:

  • Frustrated
  • Be coy
  • Ignore them
  • I’m not the storytelling type
  • Be gracious

Choose Spirit

Choose Spirit

Further dialogue options:

  • Stay sober
  • Dark & Stormy

Just get rid of anyone but don’t get rid of Spirit. (Trapper is my favorite; he intimidates me.)

Day 3

Choose Spirit

Further dialogue options :

  • Go up, maybe die
  • Say something
  • Rin Yamaoka
  • A Dragon
  • Restaurant
  • Black
  • Not being seen for who you are
  • Kill him

Well done for getting a happy ending with Spirit.

Last Updated on August 5, 2022

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