Dinkum: Ways To Plant Seeds For Farming

Fans of the simulation genre have been enjoying the treat that is Dinkum. You are in charge of an island where you have to build everything from the beginning.

Players have to be farming, building stuff, and even completing tasks around the island as they enjoy. For farming, you will have to learn how to plant seeds that have a couple of options.

Given the important status of farming in the game, it is imperative to know all about it. In that regard, the following guide will help players find and plant seeds in Dinkum. 

Dinkum - Planting seeds

Dinkum: How to get Excavation License and shovel

These are the steps to follow when you are looking for License and the tool: 

  • Players have to talk with Fletch in the Base Tent in order to buy the Excavation License 
  • It will cost 500 Permit Points, which can be got through finishing Milestones present around the island
  • After getting the Excavation License, you will have to buy a shovel from John, the shop owner
  • The other way to plant seeds is by getting a Farming License for 250 Permit Points and a hoe, instead of a shovel. The hoe will be found with Rayne, who is another visitor of the island. 

Dinkum: How to find seeds

Once you have the license and tool, it is time to start the planting journey. You will find seeds from Rayne, who will sell them to you. Additionally, seeds can also be found by cutting bushes, trees, and grass. For this, you will need a Logging License and an axe. 

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Players who are planting seeds around the base tent will be helped further in the game by getting materials for other buildings in the town. 

Dinkum - Using Shovel

Dinkum: Using shovel for planting seeds

The process to plant seeds with a shovel is given as below: 

  • Look for an area without a tree or building around
  • Go to the items list and choose shovel
  • Right-click to start digging a hole, and the shovel will start collecting the dirt over it
  • Choose the seed you want to plant as only one plant be put in the ground at a time
  • Press “Q” and release the seed into the freshly dug hole
  • Choose the shovel again, and right-click to reapply the dirt in order to cover the hole.
Dinkum: Using hoe to plant seeds

A hoe will be better suited to till land which will give items that you can sell for Dinks or even eat. Here’s how to plan seeds with the help of a hoe: 

  • Once again, find a piece of land devoid of trees or buildings
  • Choose hoe from the items list
  • Right-click to start tilling the area
  • Choose the seeds now
  • Simply place them in the tilled land on the ground
  • Go back to the hoe and right-click again to put the seeds for planting. 

Thus, that is all players need to know about planting seeds in Dinkum. It can be done either of the two ways and will massively help in earning great produce. Furthermore, players can also make use of a watering can to water the seeds which will make them grow quicker. 

Last Updated on August 7, 2022

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