MultiVersus: How To Do Toasting

One of the most fun concepts in the recently released MultiVersus is the Toasting feature. Apart from the amusing element, Toasting also has an incredibly vital use.

It will give players more Gold. This is especially crucial given that you will need more than 20,000 Gold to have all 17 characters in the game unlocked.

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Therefore, it is imperative to know how to go about this whole Toasting business. In that regard, the following guide will help players with everything they need to know about Toasting and how to approach this part of the game. 

MultiVersus - Toasting

MultiVersus: How to do Toasting

These are the steps to follow in order to accomplish Toasting:

  • Players can only do Toasting in the final i.e. results screen following a match.
  • After players reach this screen, and when the results are finished loading, you will see the option of “Give Toast” on top of each player’s result box.
  • Now, players can just click on the Toast option and press the button to finish the Toasting procedure. After you have received Toasting, there will be an option on the top right to do it back for the other player.
  • Therefore, you can return the good gesture too, which will earn both of the players 20 extra Gold each. That is why this feature has been very popular amongst players in the game as they journey to unlock all characters. 

MultiVersus - More Toast

MultiVersus: How to get more Toast

Some things that players can fail to understand when they are going around Toasting is that it is of limited quantity in the game. When you run out of Toast, players can just purchase them with the in-game Gold they have accumulated. The option is present on the top right while the results are showing or inside the Collection menu itself too. 

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However, it will be a pricey transaction as 10 Toast costs 350 Gold. This is the same as Training three discounted Perks. Therefore, players should get all characters unlocked and trained well in MultiVersus Perks which are best for the playstyle. 

Additionally, you can also receive five Toast as soon as you get every Character to Level 3 during the first time. You will get 25 Toast around the Free and Premium rewards inside the preseason Battle Pass of the game. 

Thus, that is all players need to know about the oddly satisfying and engaging topic of Toasting in MultiVersus. This will surely help players in gaining more Gold as time goes by, while the activity always gives a fun twist to the overall gameplay as well. 

Last Updated on August 5, 2022

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