How Market Demand And Supply Works In Manor Lords

Although designed for use on Challenging difficulty, this guide’s insights can enhance any gameplay experience. Presented as a concise manual, it prioritizes easy access to information. The focus remains on providing data rather than opinions. Please note that information may evolve as Early Access progresses.

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How Market Forces Work In Manor Lords

Exploring how market dynamics meet the demands of the populace and strategies for efficiently catering to large populations.

Basic Concepts:

1) Markets prioritize closer households for resource allocation, so strategically position important buildings nearer to markets.

2) Resource availability is calculated per individual resource type, necessitating balanced distribution across all necessities.

3) Diversify resource storage across multiple locations to mitigate shortages in specific categories.

4) Resource availability in markets depends on effective logistics management; allocate families with carts to manage transportation efficiently.

5) Construct specialized granaries/storehouses for single resources to ensure consistent supply, adjusting staff based on population size.

6) Food consumption follows a hierarchy, with meat taking precedence; maintain surplus berries for food variety and stability.

7) Harvest excess berries as a buffer against food scarcity, ensuring a diverse diet.

8) Balance surplus resource sales with meeting local needs to avoid shortages and maintain market stability.

9) Plan burgage upgrades strategically to avoid hindering artisan production; prioritize tiering up non-artisan buildings like vegetable gardens.

10) Exercise caution when upgrading burgages to prevent overextension and subsequent population dissatisfaction; prioritize essential upgrades like breweries to maintain happiness levels.

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Additional Tips:

1) Utilize a strategy of temporarily upgrading two burgages to tier 2 to fulfill development point requirements, then promptly demolish them after selecting the Better Deals development. This allows access to necessary resources via trade without increasing happiness needs, a crucial decision in gameplay.

2) Delay building your initial burgages until after basic needs are met (such as a church, firewood, market, well, leather, and food).

Introduce them only after addressing housing needs to prevent a rapid decline in happiness levels, particularly crucial in challenging difficulty settings where stringent requirements and penalties are enforced.

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Efficient Large Town Layout Suggestions:

1) Centralize your market, ideally with a size comparable to a lumberyard. This allows for convenient placement and efficient resource distribution.

2) Position granaries (4) on one side of the market, dedicated to each of your four most produced non-berry food types. Storehouses (3) should be on the opposite side. Individual granaries ensure a balanced food supply, while storehouses manage diverse resources.

3) Place burgages with vegetable gardens adjacent to granaries and assign families to work in them.

4) Situate the tavern adjacent to the market, with extended housing for brewery expansion. Allocate space for future housing expansion as your population grows.

5) Position production/artisans behind storehouses, organizing storage to maximize resource availability. Specialize storage to streamline production and prioritize need fulfillment.

6) Arrange burgages for goats and chicken coops behind artisan and vegetable burgages, respectively. Ensure families live close to their workplaces for efficient resource production.

7) Consider placing a large orchard burgage or trader near the market based on your chosen development path. Adapt placement according to gameplay goals.

8) After reaching Large Town size, replace unnecessary Tier 3 burgages with two lower-tier burgages (Tier 1 for chicken coops and goats, Tier 2 for artisans) to increase production, reduce resource needs, and enhance overall satisfaction. Focus on maximizing efficiency and production to support continued growth and prosperity.

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Last Updated on May 12, 2024

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