How To Get Lethophobia and God Roll in Destiny 2

Lethophobia is a Legendary Void Bow of the Lightweight Frame archetype introduced in Season 23 of Destiny 2. This season also comes with other weapons and a new dungeon called Warlord’s Ruin.

How To Get Lethophobia and God Roll in Destiny 2

 In this guide, we shall see how you can get this awesome new bow called Lethophobia and its god-roll for PvE and PvP. Before we get started with how to get this weapon, take a quick look at what the weapon is and some of its features.

Note that these are just suggestive tips from using the weapon and the community perspective.

  • Damage: Void
  • Frame: Lightweight 
  • Ammo Slot: Primary
  • Craftable: Yes
  • Introduced in Season 23

Lethophobia can be acquired in several ways, which I will state:

  1. Completing activities in The Season of The Wish, like Riven’s lair and The Coil.
  2. By getting the red border drops from their activities and focusing on Lethophobia.
  3. Visit Spirit of Riven in the HELM and go to engram decoding. You can find Lethophobia there, and it can be focussed.

Lethophobia Wish Engram Decoding D2

I would suggest collecting as many Wish Engrams as possible by doing the seasonal activities and then using them to focus on a good Roll for Lethophobia.

Lethophobia God Roll for PvP in Destiny 2

Now we come to the topic of what can be a lethal god roll for Lethophobia in PvP gameplay. As far as I can see, Bungie has given Disruption Break to Bows for the first time. This is a quality changer, and it opens up a tonne of potential for Lethophobia, as you will see from the listed God Roll:

  • Basic Bowstring – Tactile String
  • Basic Arrow – Compact Arrow Shaft
  • Basic Trait 1 – Steady Hands or Impulse Amplifier
  • Basic Trait 2 – Disruption Break or Explosive Head
  • Basic Origin Trait – Dragon’s Vengeance
  • Masterwork – Drawtime
  • Mod – Quick Access Sling

Tactile String increases accuracy and stability, which is much needed in a bow. Compact Arrow Shaft increases Reload Speed and Stability. Steady Hands is lethal in PvP; after a kill, you get a buff to Handling by 100 for 8.5 seconds. 

Impulse Amplifier is also a good option for PvP instead of Steady Hands, but I prefer the latter. Disruption Break is the game changer here since if you land the Critical shot; the enemy is prone to increased damage from your kinetic weapon for a decent period.

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Explosive Head is also a good option, as it will flinch the opponent if you can hit your shots correctly. I prefer Disruption Break since it has more lethal potential due to the increased damage.

Dragon’s Vengeance is a good Origin Trait for Lethophobia since it will help when one of your allies gets slain near you, or you get critically injured.

Regarding Masterwork, I went with Drawtime since you need an arrow to fire as soon as possible in heated combat situations. For Mods to put, swapping is key for Disruption Break to be used to max potential. That is because you need to change to a kinetic quickly and hit those shots while DB is active; that is why I went with Quick Acess Sling.

Lethophobia god roll pvp d2

Lethophobia God Roll for PvE in Destiny 2

Here are the suggested best PvE God roll for this weapon:

  • Basic Bowstring – Tactile String
  • Basic Arrow – Compact Arrow Shaft
  • Basic Trait 1 – Impulse Amplifier or Repulsor Brace (For Overshield)
  • Basic Trait 2 – Explosive Head (30% more damage in PvE for This trait)
  • Basic Origin Trait – Dragon’s Vengeance
  • Masterwork – Drawtime
  • Mod – Minor or Major Spec (Depending on the enemy you want to damage more)

I won’t be going into the details for the PvE God Roll for Lethophobia since it is pretty self-explanatory. But for an overview, The Mod and the Explosive Head will be your main damage dealers. You can also go for a disruption break-kinetic combo, but I think Explosive Head would be more viable.

That is all the information I had to share in this guide on how you can get Lethophobia in Destiny and its potential God Roll for PvE and PvP. These weapons are relatively new, so they are subject to change. I highly recommend you keep an eye on this page and our D2 Guides section.

Thanks for coming!

Last Updated on December 31, 2023

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