How To Get Likely Suspect in Destiny 2

If you want to know how to get The Likely Suspect in Destiny 2, then this is the perfect guide for it. Before getting off with the quest, you need to pick up “Trust goes both ways” from Quagmire, Savathuns Throne World.

How To Get Likely Suspect in Destiny 2

Simply interacting with Fynch, the ghost will help you acquire the quest “Trust goes both ways”. Once you get it, track it in the quests tab, and follow along with the rest of the guide.

There are 5 steps to getting Likely Suspect in D2. The first step involves finding and looting 3 region chests in Savathuns Throne World itself. Here are the locations for the Region Chests:

Region Chest Location 1

  • The first chest is located under the start of the long bridge.
  • As you enter the large gate, drop down to your left, at a ledge beneath.
  • After that, you can find the chest on the middle platform. You may need to drop down from that ledge to get to the Region Chest.

Here is how it looks for the map location:

region chest location 1

Region Chest Location 2

  • From your first chest location turn around and go towards your right side.
  • This chest can also be found in Quagmire.
  • Then keep going towards your right and go up a ledge and look directly forward.
  • The chest should be sitting on a ledge at the edge of the cliff. Here is an image for the same:

Screenshot 3

region chest location 2

Region Chest Location 3

  • The next and last region chest can be found in Miasma.
  • Just as you enter from Quagmire to Miasma, the first region chest is where you should look for.
  • There will be a colosseum-like structure there.
  • Keep going up the rows until you reach the top, where the chest should be sitting.
  • Here is the location on the map for it:
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region chest location 3

Trust Goes Both Ways Step 2

In this step, you need to do the mission shown on the map in Miasma. Basically:

  • Scorn defeated (0/100)
  • Public Event Completed

It is as simple as that and this will complete step 2 for you easily.

Looting Faction Chests (Step 3)

First Faction Chest

  • The first Faction chest is located right where the miasma region chest was.
  • Keep going up and go through a hole or opening in the walls to get the first faction chest

Screenshot 5

Second Faction Chest

  • The second faction chest is located in Miasma also.
  • Head northwards from the first faction chest and check where it is shown on the map:

Screenshot 6

Fourth Faction Chest

  • The fourth faction chest is located lower than where you located the first Faction chest.
  • Here is the map location:

Screenshot 7

Third Faction Chest

  • This can also be found in Miasma itself.
  • Located right above the fourth chest.
  • Here is the location for it:

Screenshot 8

Step 4 – Eight Million Tales in the City

  • Collect 1 Evidence there.
  • Loot any 4 chests.
  • Complete 2 patrols.

To look for the evidence, you need to go to the left end of Miasma. The collect and scan evidence will be located at a corner of a wall. It is shown in the image below:

Screenshot 9

After you are done with their patrols, return to Fynch and he will finally give you the Likely Suspect.

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