How To Get The Deadeye Title in Destiny 2 (Updated)

There are a lot of Titles to chase in Destiny 2 and one of those is the Deadeye title. For most parts, the progress towards this title happens automatically as you keep using a variety of weapons and get kills using them in playlist activities. Some triumphs are confusing to do. I will go over them and how I did those specific titles.

Deadeye Title Destiny 2

How To Get Deadeye Title in Destiny 2 (Updated)

Well, first things first. You need a variety of weapons to initiate and progress towards the title. Weapons range from hand cannons, trace rifles, and rocket launchers, all the way to heavies like GL and Rocket launchers.

When it comes to which ones to go for, you need to have mastery in almost all of them. So my suggestion for weapon masteries is to use a weapon as long as possible and get killed in the crucible and world activities.

The objectives are a combination of Aptitude and Mastery of specific weapons. As I mentioned earlier, you will have to do nearly all of the weapons so keep that in mind.

Deadeye Title D2

To check your progress press “F1” by default > Click on Triumphs > Click on the “Deadeye” Seal or Title to check your progress there.

Next, I will show you some Triumphs in which you may face trouble in progressing. If you have any specific triumphs in which you cannot progress, let me know in the comments below, and I can help you to my best.

How To Do Fusion Rifle Mastery?

This is one title that can halt players in their tracks. Getting Fusion Rifle kills is easy enough but getting “precision linear fusion rifle final blows” was kind of difficult for me. Since I am not an active crucible player, I resorted to some methods that helped me.

  • Use Arbalest as your primary weapon
  • Use any weapon as secondary with either special or primary ammo (personal preference)
  • Use a NON-Exotic Linear fusion rifle in your heavy slot. Examples are Cataclysmic, Reed’s Regret, etc.

Camp around heavy ammo if possible and try to bait out players and get a headshot- Oneshot using either Arbalest or Heavy Linear or both. Since you only need 25 of them, It will not be a nightmare to get.

How To Do Sidearm Mastery?

This is one triumph with which I was having quite the trouble. There is no “clear” indication in the game as to what to do exactly. As it turns out, for the “One for each of you” objective, you need to kill a guardian using any weapon, switch to your sidearm, and get another kill.

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By kill, I mean it has to count as a clean one. Assists DO NOT count here so keep that in mind. I used a STURM with a Drang (baroque) which had incandescent on it. This helped me quite well with my solar 3.0 Hunter build.

  • Other suggestions would be an ACE, HAWKMOON, THORN, or any decent primary you like and a decent secondary sidearm to follow it up with.
  • You can also use Forerunner as primary and any other weapon as secondary for this objective.

How To Get The Dark Age Arsenal Triumph?

This was the final triumph for me and it wasn’t very clear to get this one. For this triumph, you need to equip a Gambit weapon in every slot and win a Gambit match.

Simple to read but when you go to do it, sometimes it will not count. That is because this title was before the seasonal weapons, so usually, players did it using old Gambit weapons.

Since I recycle all my old Gambit weapons, I had a hard time figuring out what worked for this triumph and what did not. Here are the weapons that work! –

  • Working Old Gambit Weapons – Bygones, Hazard of the Cast – Trust HC, Parcel of Stardust, Dreaded Venture – Bad Omen for Heavy
  • New Gambit Weapon that does WORK (dating for July 14th, 2022) – Herod C or malfeasance for primary – Trinary System FR for Secondary – Crowd Pleaser GL for heavy

The rest of the weapons DO NOT work as tested by me so far, so you may want to stick to one of the loadouts mentioned above to get this triumph done!

The rest of the objectives and triumphs should be easy to do and you will progress in them naturally as you play along. You can also take your time out to do them but I would suggest otherwise.

Do let me know if you need help regarding any objective or triumph for the Deadeye and I will try to help you to the best of my knowledge. Take note that this post can get outdated if devs decide to make certain changes with the triumphs.

I will update this post, or you can let me know in the comments and I will update it as soon as I can. I hope this guide helped you. I wish you all the best for your Seal/Title. Happy gaming guardians!

Last Updated on January 6, 2024

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