How to obtain the Warzone 2 DMZ “Amethyst Dash” P890 blueprint

Players can accomplish Faction Missions in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ to receive exclusive rewards. The final Tier 1 Black Mous Faction Mission’s completion reward is the Amethyst Dash weapon blueprint for the P890 Handgun. Here is a simple method for obtaining this blueprint in DMZ.

How to get the Amethyst Dash P890 Blueprint?

You first need to unlock the Who’s Watching Mission in CoD DMZ to get the Amethyst Dash.

How to access the CoD DMZ Who’s Watching mission

You must finish five of the six possible base missions to reach the last task in Black Mous Tier 1. We advise trying the following:

Weapons Research

  • Finish the Squad Hunt contract.
  • Obtain a weapon from a hostile operator.

Vintage Collection

  • Get 12 Wine or Liquor Bottles as loot.
  • Sell 12 bottles of wine or liquor in a store.

Cargo Keeper

  • Fill out a Cargo Delivery Agreement.
  • Complete upkeep and fueling of the transport vehicle

One Man Army

  • Enter without any teammates
  • Extract within the same deployment

Team Player

  • Hold the Ping Wheel to ask two close opponent operators to join.


The Amethyst Dash P890 Blueprint: How to unlock it

Ensure the Who’s Watching assignment is chosen from the list of Faction Missions once it has been unlocked for you. Afterward, equip the Tactical Camera as your field upgrade in your loadout selection screen.

  • Now enter a DMZ match and travel to Rohan Oil Tunnels, situated in Al Mazrah’s northern sector, as seen by the map above. 
  • You’ll find an underpass at the designated spot.
  • Place your tactical camera anyplace inside the underpass by descending.
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Alternatively, you can use the ladder next to the underpass to get to the tunnel. You can covertly enter the area without the bots noticing and attacking you. While you can place your tactical camera on the ground, we advise mounting it on a wall for a better view of the adversaries.

  • Use the camera to scan five artificial intelligence warriors.
  • The camera will do the rest by going in the opponent’s direction to scan it.
  • You can scan the same bot five times to finish the task.

You’ll be able to access the Amethyst Dash P890 skin in your armory once you’ve completed all these goals.

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Last Updated on November 29, 2022

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