Vampire Survivors: How To Unlock Gallo Tower Map

Players have been trawling through Vampire Survivors in search of items and quests. There is an array of monsters that you have to battle against while going from one level to another. You can also expect to find secret objects and characters, with the Gallo Tower Map being one of them.

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It is supposed to have magical items and newer monsters. The following guide will help players with all the information surrounding the map and how to unlock it.

Vampire Survivors - Gallo Tower Map

Vampire Survivors: What is the secret map?

The Gallo Tower Map has a vertical, elongated layout with two special passive items and two Relics. The Relics are: 

  • Sorceress’ Tears: found at the bottom of the specially designed map in the game. 
  • Randomazzo: you have to go to the north from the area you start. 

The Sorceress’ Tears unlocks the Hurry Mode while in the Stage Selection Menu. It will increase the Clock Speed of that particular level by two times.

Therefore, you will see 30 minutes go by in just 15 minutes. But there is a catch. Time-based events like waves of enemies or Evolution Chests will go on at their normal pace. Therefore, it is not exactly a 2x mode, given that only progress and rate of spawning increases. 

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Meanwhile, Randomazzo unlocks the Arcana System indefinitely and gives players the Sarabande of Healing (VI).

The Arcana system helps in changing up the gameplay by making runs more adventurous and difficult to predict in the game. On the other hand, Sarabande of Healing (VI) doubles all healing in Vampire Survivors, and is the maiden Arcana that you will receive. 

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Vampire Survivors - Inside Gallo Tower Map

Vampire Survivors: How to unlock Gallo Tower Map?

You have get to Level 60 in the Dairy Plant. It is available after players reach Level 40 in the Inlaid Library. You can stop your runs after reaching Level 60 and open up the Gallo Tower Map whenever the notification comes on by closing the Dairy Plant stage.

It is a similar scenario when it comes to acquiring the two Relics in the stage. You can just go pick up the items after getting inside the Gallo Tower Map.

Even after you lose or get back  to the main menu, the Hurry Mode and Arcana system remains activated. Furthermore, make sure to have a build that helps in vertical combat since you will be moving from north to south within the Gallo Tower Map. Also, make sure you are not stuck inside the alcoves while battling opponents. 

Therefore, that is all you have to know about the Gallo Tower Map and how to go about finding it. It is a hard process given the Level 60 requirement, but the Relics found will be more than useful in the game later on. 

Last Updated on July 14, 2022

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