How to opt out of Unity Analytics for Last Epoch

This guide details the process of disabling Unity Analytics in Last Epoch, an action game built with the Unity engine. While the game itself doesn’t offer an in-game option for opting out, this guide provides steps to achieve this through file editing.

Opting Out of Unity Analytics in the Last Epoch


Before you begin:

Familiarity with editing text files and setting them to read-only is recommended. The guide includes optional bonus steps that involve modifying your system’s host file and firewall settings.

These steps can potentially affect other programs and should be attempted with caution and proper research specific to your operating system.

Disabling Unity Analytics:

Locate the config file:

Windows: Use the Start menu search bar and enter “%AppData%..\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\Unity\c9db3951-d6c2-4a6a-8944-d38c41d27d88\Analytics”. This should open the folder containing the “config” file.

Linux: The file’s location may vary, but it’s typically found within “~/.config/unity3d/Eleventh Hour Games/”. Use your file manager to locate it.

Edit the config file:

Right-click on the “config” file and select “Open with” or a similar option. Choose a text editor like Notepad or Wordpad. Copy and paste the following JSON code into the file:

  "analytics": {
    "enabled": false
  "connect": {
    "enabled": false,
    "limit_user_tracking": true,
    "player_opted_out": true
  "dynamic": {
    "analytics": {
      "shouldCollectAutomation": false,
      "timeToWaitForUserInfoS": 60
    "coreBusinessMetrics": {
      "enabled": false,
      "timeToWaitForUserInfoS": 60
  "performance": {
    "enabled": false

Set the file to read-only:

Right-click on the “config” file again and select “Properties”. In the “Properties” window, check the “Read-only” box and click “Apply” or “OK”.

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Optional Bonus Steps (Proceed with Caution):

Delete archived events:

In the same folder as the “config” file, locate the “ArchivedEvents” folder. You can safely delete any files within this folder to remove archived analytical data.

Block additional analytics domains:

This step requires modifying your host file, which can potentially affect other programs. Research the specific method for editing your host file on your operating system before proceeding. The guide provides a list of domains associated with Unity analytics that you can add to your host file to block them.

Block “UnityCrashHandler64.exe” in your firewall:

Modifying firewall settings can potentially affect other programs. Proceed with caution and only if comfortable doing so.

First, find the location of the “UnityCrashHandler64.exe” file, and the two methods for blocking it are: through your firewall or by changing its file extension (be aware that updates might reset the file extension).


Verifying game files or updating the game may reset the changes made to the “config” file. You might need to repeat these steps after an update.

 By following these steps, you can effectively disable Unity Analytics in Last Epoch and potentially opt out of certain forms of data collection within the game.

Remember to exercise caution if attempting the optional bonus steps as they involve modifying system settings.

Last Updated on March 2, 2024

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