COD Modern Warfare 2 – Error and Their Fixes

If you are facing a number of errors and finding a way to fix them in COD MW2, then this is the perfect guide for you. This article explains how to fix a few of the game’s typical issues. Look them over below.


Common Error Fixes In COD Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare II is not without its own set of issues. I have attempted through this guide to help frustrated gamers with the most common errors by offering solutions that do away with them.

Please do know that the fixes offered here are not all-pervasive and may not work for every one of you. However, I would like the internet community to please post their solutions in the comments for everybody to see. The tiny effort to make this world enjoyable for everyone! 

How to Fix Error Linking Phone

Can’t login despite having already added your phone number? I believe I have the solution. Unable to log in? Have you already added and verified your phone number but are still getting this error?


In the client’s top left corner, select Steam’s settings. After selecting “Web Browser,” click “Delete Web Browser Data.”

Another strategy that can be effective is to take out and re-add your phone number. Going directly to the modern warfare website, deleting your cellphone link, and then reputing it is quicker.

HOW TO FIX “Checking for Updates” SCREEN

Remove everything but “fileSysCheck.cfg” from the “main” folder in your Call of Duty: MW2 game files, then restart the game.

How to FIX Game Crashing

Since the remedy has been effective for crash issues ever since Warzone, the problem is definitely an engine bug.


1 – Open the folder containing the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 BETA game.

2 – Track down the game launcher (cod.exe).

3 – Select it with the right click, then select properties.

4 – Select the Compatibility tab.

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5 – Check the following choices under the compatibility tab:

*Disable full-screen optimizations.

Run this application in administrator mode.

Observation: If the game won’t launch, uncheck: Run this program in administrator mode.

6 – Select Apply.

7 – Click Change High DPI settings while you’re still on the compatibility tab.

8 – Select the following choices in the newly opened tab:

Program DPI:

  • Right below: Use the DPI that is set for my main video, and select: Windows

High-DPI scaling:

  • Choose: from the Application, System, and System (Advanced) drop-down menu:


9 – Click Apply on the Compatibility tab, then OK to dismiss the properties window, and finally press OK to close the window.

How to fix the stuck update menu bug

In your file explorer, navigate to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common.” Alternately, select “browse local files” from the context menu when you right-click the game in your library bar.

  • Get rid of the Beta folder.
  • reinstall
  • launch the game
  • close the game install the minor update
  • relaunch

I’ll admit that I had to launch twice again; your outcomes might be different.

You might also try this: on the game’s “browse local files” screen, select “common,” then remove the first two and the last two files. 

If you have any questions about the instructions, just leave a comment below. The fixes worked for both my brother and me (I have an AMD processor and NVIDIA graphics card), so it should work for you too. To help spread the word and ensure that everyone can enjoy BETA without any issues, please share this tutorial with your buddies.

Last Updated on April 12, 2023

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