STAR WARS Dark Forces: Cheat Codes List

If you’re a fan of STAR WARS Dark Forces and looking to add an extra layer of fun or challenge to your gameplay, using cheat codes can be an exciting way to enhance your experience. This guide will walk you through the process of inputting cheat codes and provide a comprehensive list of cheat codes available in the game.

STAR WARS Dark Forces Cheat Codes

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How to Input Cheat Codes

Accessing the Cheat Code Menu:

While in a mission, press the ESCAPE key to open the menu. Navigate to the 6th option from the top, directly above “Quit Game,” which is labeled “Enter Cheat Code.”Select this option to open the Cheat Code input menu.

Entering Cheat Codes:

Once in the Cheat Code input menu, type in the desired cheat code using your keyboard. Make sure to enter the codes accurately for them to work effectively.

Cheat Codes Categories

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Item Based Cheats:


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Provides the player with all items.


Grants the player all guns.

Ability Based Cheats:


Renders the player invincible.


Activates the supercharge power-up.


Grants the player a super jump ability.


Reveals the full map to the player.

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Level Based Cheats:


Instantly skips to the next level.

Other Cheats:


Provides location data for the player.


Enables a mode that shrinks the player.


Freezes all enemies in the game.


Enabling the Cheats

After successfully entering the cheat codes, a new menu option will become available. Follow these steps to enable the cheats:

  1. Access the menu again by pressing ESCAPE.
  2. Navigate to the newly available menu option related to cheats.
  3. Enable the specific cheats you would like to use.

Remember that using cheat codes can alter the intended difficulty and progression of the game. Have fun experimenting with these cheats, but be mindful of how they may impact your overall gaming experience. May the force be with you!

Last Updated on February 29, 2024

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