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In the captivating world of “Lethal Company,” the Terminal is your go-to tool for many in-game activities. Whether exploring exomoons, purchasing items, or researching monsters in the Bestiary, mastering Terminal commands is essential for a successful gaming experience. Join me as I guide you through the intricacies of each command, enhancing your gameplay in this immersive universe.

Updated List Of All Terminal Commands In Lethal Company

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Accessing the Terminal

To dive into the Terminal in “Lethal Company,” press the E key. Once inside, many commands await, each tailored for specific in-game tasks.

Terminal Commands


Let’s kick off with the Moons command. Start with Help to access the main screen, then navigate to Moons to explore available exomoons. Choose destinations strategically based on hazard levels and quotas, ensuring optimal resource acquisition.


The Store command is your lifeline for essential tools and communication. Head to the Help screen to access the Store, purchase items by typing names and quantities, and smoothly confirm transactions for a hassle-free shopping spree.


Unearth the lore of the in-game universe with the Bestiary command—type in the names of monsters to discover detailed information. Expand your knowledge to outsmart these creatures as you progress through the game.


Efficiently manage ship decor using the Storage command. Utilize the B key to pick up and move furniture and the R key to rotate items. Learn the nuances between the red storage cabinet and the Terminal’s Storage page for optimal organization.

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View Monitor

Experiment with the somewhat redundant yet potentially useful View Monitor command. Explore its applications, such as precise door management, and share your discoveries with the gaming community.


Discover the functionality of the Switch command, allowing you to alter camera views by typing in a specific username. Experiment with this feature to optimize your perspective during gameplay.


Enhance teamwork by deploying Radar Boosters and using the Ping command to guide your teammates visually. Strategically place Radar Boosters for optimal navigation through the exomoons.


Unlock the hidden potential of the Scan command. Learn how it dynamically updates throughout the day, providing invaluable information about remaining items outside the ship and their values.

Unlocking Secured Doors

Master the art of unlocking secured doors by typing in their alphanumeric codes. Use this skill to open new avenues for loot or strategically trap pursuing monsters behind closed doors.

Note: Distinguish between Secured Doors and Locked Doors, understanding the unique mechanics associated with each.


As we conclude this journey through “Lethal Company” Terminal Commands, remember to share your insights, strategies, and experiences with the gaming community.

Your feedback and ratings will help others navigate this immersive universe successfully. May your exomoon adventures be fruitful, and your quotas met with resounding success!

Last Updated on November 24, 2023

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