Killer Klowns From Outer Space – Ultimate Klown Weapons Guide

Welcome to the twisted and whimsical world of “Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game”! As you embark on this eccentric adventure, wielding an arsenal of bizarre weapons against even stranger foes, this guide serves as your invaluable companion. Delve into the depths of pre-day 1 patch weapon statistics, providing insight into their quirks and capabilities. From the zany antics of the Klowns to the firepower at your fingertips, join us as we explore this surreal realm where chaos reigns supreme.

Ultimate Klown Weapons Guide For Killer Klowns From Outer Space

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Klowns: A Brief Overview

Klowns, the hilariously eerie aliens, have returned to Earth with intentions of invasion once more! In this segment, we’ll explore the various types of Klowns, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

JUMBO: Jumbo, often referred to as the Ranger, embodies a well-balanced Klown. He possesses decent speed and inflicts acceptable damage, making him a versatile choice. Jumbo is equipped with the lure ability, allowing players to hypnotically draw nearby humans towards their location with a simple click.

SPIKEY: Spikey, also known as the Tracker, stands out for his exceptional sensory abilities. While sharing the same health pool as Jumbo, Spikey is slightly slower. He shines in both the early and late stages of the game, particularly when only one human remains. Spikey’s balloon dog ability creates a canine-shaped balloon that points towards the nearest human, emitting a bark upon detection and sighting.

RUDY: Rudy, known as the Trapper, shares the title of weakest Klown with Shorty. Despite possessing decent speed and senses, Rudy’s health is comparatively lower. Rudy is a high-risk, high-reward character, requiring careful play. Currently, Rudy lacks the baby Klown traps due to a significant bug issue.

CHUBBY: Chubby, commonly known as the Tank, boasts the highest health pool among Klowns. However, he is also the slowest. Chubby is an ideal choice for players tired of falling victim to aggressive teams. His ability, the invisible car, grants a significant speed boost, but collision or hitting a human results in a stun effect for both parties.

SHORTY: Shorty, also referred to as Tiny or Brawler, is the fastest Klown available. Like Rudy, he is among the weakest in terms of health. Shorty is akin to a “glass cannon,” being both agile and vulnerable. His signature ability, the pizza box, provides stealth capabilities, allowing players to ambush nearby humans. However, the pizza box emits noticeable bouncing sounds, compromising its stealthiness.

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No deadly invasion is complete without… well, death! In this section, we’ll delve into the primary sources of damage for the Klowns.

JUMBO: Jumbo prefers the Klown Mallet as his weapon of choice. With three hits dealing consistent damage, it’s a middling option that requires multiple mouse clicks to utilize fully. While it’s an okay method of dealing damage, it comes with more drawbacks than advantages. There’s also a largely unused, pointless charged attack available with a right-click.

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SPIKEY: Spikey brings the Popcorn Bazooka, currently the most overpowering Klown weapon in the game. With unparalleled damage output in a single shot and only a short cooldown, it’s effective in any situation. When humans are hit by the Popcorn Bazooka, they not only stumble but also become tracked. If you’re prepared to endure voice chat complaints about being “trash,” this is the weapon for you.

RUDY: Rudy wields the Klown Mace, essentially a more stylish version of the Klown Mallet. It inflicts damage rapidly and is comparable in effectiveness. Additionally, a right-click charges up a spin attack that damages foes in all directions while propelling you forward.

CHUBBY: Chubby carries the Jawbreaker Sling (or whatever it’s actually called), a personal favorite among Klowns. It’s the sole long-ranged melee weapon in the game, featuring three slow but highly damaging hits. Charging up a right-click unleashes an even longer-range attack (which may or may not track targets, as I’ve never landed it) for even greater damage.

SHORTY: Shorty opts for the Boxing Gloves, a rare find indeed. Holding down the left-click executes six different hits, with the sixth being the most damaging. Meanwhile, a right-click charges up an attack guaranteed to knock someone’s block off.

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Cotton Candy Guns

Harvesting presents the toughest challenge in any invasion, but fear not – here’s how we tackle it with our trusty Cotton Candy Rayguns.

JUMBO: Jumbo relies on the standard Cotton Candy Raygun – moderate speed, reliably useful, with decent range. It’s your all-around dependable choice.


RUDY: Rudy brings out the Giga-Ray. Although it requires a 3-second charge-up, it swiftly cocoons humans faster than any other gun. Ideal for dealing with crawling humans or those in close proximity.

CHUBBY: Chubby favors the Laser-Beamer. However, unless your aim is flawless, it’s best to avoid it. The Laser-Beamer can only fire 4 shots before needing to cool down, and you’ll typically need at least 3 shots to cocoon someone successfully.

SHORTY: Ah, my beloved Bouncecaster. With its round, bouncy shots and impeccable range, it’s a joy to wield. Plus, I can detonate it at will, and it rarely overheats. But the best part? It only takes 3 shots to cocoon with you.

Well, that’s it for this guide. Hope you liked it! Thank you for dropping by.

Last Updated on June 6, 2024

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