Kingdom Hearts Remix – Complete Door To Rewards Guide

Door to Rewards and You! A way to avoid hardship. After researching extensively, we decided to combine all the information we found about the Room of Rewards, what you can get inside, and other bonuses related to extra requirements!

Complete Door To Rewards Guide For Kingdom Hearts Remix

Complete Door To Rewards Guide For Kingdom Hearts Remix

What is the Door to Rewards?

The Door to Rewards is a special chamber located on every level of Castle Oblivion. Accessing it requires a specific card called the Key to Rewards. This card opens a room containing a treasure chest (or occasionally two, based on meeting specific criteria). Later, we’ll explore the detailed conditions for accessing these doors and the drop rate of the Key to Rewards.

The Key to Rewards and Its Door Details

The Key to Rewards functions like a story card but is unique in that you can only hold one at a time. So, it’s advisable not to hold onto it throughout the entire game unless you’re aiming for complete 100% completion, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

You might wonder, “How do I obtain a Key to Rewards?” The drop rate begins from the 7th floor onward in Castle Oblivion, increasing as you ascend. From the 7th to the 10th floor (approximately, excluding 100 Acre Wood), there’s a 15% chance, with the 11th floor at 16%, the 12th at 18%, and the 13th at 20%.

Now, onto a potentially confusing aspect for newcomers: the door requirements are not specific to each world but rather to each floor. Detailed specifics for each floor have been discovered and documented, including my own testing for clarity. Therefore, each floor’s Door to Rewards has specific requirements (Note: I won’t detail the need for a key on each floor, but expect that as a given).

  • 1F (Traverse Town): Only the Key to Rewards is needed
  • 2F: Any Blue
  • 3F: 0= Red
  • 4F: 9= Green 9= Red
  • 5F: 15 total Green
  • 6F: 20 total Red
  • 7F: 30 Any color
  • 8F: 15 total Blue
  • 9F: 2= Blue
  • 10F: 3= Green 7= Red
  • 11F (Twilight Town): 8= Blue 1= R 20 Green
  • 12F (Destiny Islands): 33 of each color (RGB, or BRG in this case)
  • 13F (Castle Oblivion): 30 Blue 40 Red 20 Green
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The Room of Rewards and the Treasures Within

Now, for those curious about what each Room of Rewards contains, unlike the door requirements, this is specific to each world! In each room, you’ll find either one or two treasure chests, depending on whether you’ve met a small set of requirements.

To unlock a second chest in each world, you’ll need to have completed the following: watched all of 358/2 Days, read every entry in Roxas’ Diary, read every Secret Report, and viewed each Character Entry. Note that you don’t necessarily need to read everything word-for-word; as long as the game marks it as read (shown in blue for entries and movies), it counts—except for Character Entries, which won’t show as “New” once viewed.

I’ll now outline each reward for every individual world, assuming these bonus requirements have been fulfilled:

A word of caution: If you open a Room of Rewards without meeting the bonus criteria, you’ll need to reopen the door to access the second chest!

Traverse Town:

First Chest: Lionheart
Second Chest (358/2 bonus): Saïx


First Chest: Synchro
Second Chest (358/2 bonus): Xemnas

Olympus Coliseum:

First Chest: Metal Chocobo
Second Chest (358/2 bonus): Total Eclipse


First Chest: Warp
Second Chest (358/2 bonus): Luxord

Halloween Town:

First Chest: Bind
Second Chest (358/2 bonus): Bond of Flame


First Chest: Aqua Splash
Second Chest (358/2 bonus): Xaldin


First Chest: Quake
Second Chest (358/2 bonus): Demyx


First Chest: Thunder Raid
Second Chest (358/2 bonus): Midnight Roar

Hollow Bastion:

First Chest: Mushu
Second Chest (358/2 bonus): Xigbar

Twilight Town:

First Chest: Stardust Blitz
Second Chest (358/2 bonus): Roxas

Destiny Islands:

First Chest: Megalixir
Second Chest (358/2 bonus): Two Become One

Castle Oblivion:

First Chest: Super Glide
Second Chest (358/2 bonus): Star Seeker


After spending several hours researching, testing, and enduring challenges, we hope my efforts can assist others aiming for 100% completion in Chain of Memories. While it may not be my favorite in the series, I still value it for what it offers.

If you have any questions or notice any inaccuracies in this guide, feel free to reach out to me in the comments section. we’ll do our best to address your inquiries and make any necessary improvements. Best of luck in obtaining your rewards and, if pursuing it, achieving 100% completion!

Last Updated on June 29, 2024

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