Lies of P: How To Expand Inventory of Polendina and Pulcinella

Players must watch out on their own in Lies of P regarding many supplies and items. The game wants you to look for and get stuff as you go along, but there are ways to reduce the workload a bit.

Several vendors spread out across Lies of P have a significant number of items you may be interested in, with their collections only improving with time. In that regard, the following guide will show players how to enhance the inventory of the vendors Polendina and Pulcinella.

Lies of P: How To Increase Inventory of Polendina and Pulcinella

These are two of the game’s most important vendors and have many objects that can assist players in Lies of P. Polendina, which can be found in the central lobby region of the hotel, with players being able to buy different kinds of throwing items and consumables early on.

Pulcinella will be rejoiced with the return of the master and will offer a wide array of Cranks to change around handles and several armor pieces.

Lies of P - Pulcinella

There is a system of play that allows for the game itself to increase the kind of items that vendors offer. However, you will also be able to have extra precious things, but for that, some extra legwork is required in Lies of P.

When it comes to Polendina, you will have to give the supply of boxes, and for Pulcinella, you have to gather collectibles that form a section of Venigni’s initial supply of stuff.

As and when you obtain an individual box, go back to Hotel Kratz and interact with one of the vendors. Once you give them the boxes, the inventory keeps on increasing, so you will be receiving improved armor pieces from Pulcinella and major upgrade items, plus side quest stuff from Polendina.

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You may also have the chance to obtain collectibles if you are vigilant enough. When it comes to the places where the supply boxes are present, here are a few of them:

Lies of P - Polendina

  • Incredible Venigni Collection: You should look around the house’s second floor preceding the fight against the King of Puppets in Rose Isabelle. There is a safe here that is the supply box, but be careful since you will encounter three puppets, too.
  • Strong Krat Supply Box: It is located in the museum. Before entering the arena to take on Champion Victor, head back to the beginning to find a shortcut ladder. There is a treasure chest near it with the supply box.
  • Krat Supply Box: In Chapter 5, just before entering the cathedral’s elevator, there is a side room where the box will be found.

Thus, that is all the information players need regarding increasing inventory for Polendina and Pulcinella. You will be gaining a lot of good stuff as they keep improving the items, so check it out whenever you can.

Last Updated on September 19, 2023

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