Lies of P: How To Obtain Electric Coil Stick

Players will be using a variety of weapons in Lies of P right from the start. While the game offers you a choice of having one weapon initially, you will acquire more as you go on.

One of the first weapons available to players is the Electric Coil Stick, which inflicts huge shock damage and gives you Fable Slots fast. In that regard, here is how to acquire the Electric Coil Stick in the game.

Lies of P: How To Obtain Electric Coil Stick

As players leave the Hotel Krat and back into Elysion Boulevard, go down the road as it turns around before finishing. There is a ladder that will take you to a level above.

Once you are leaping across the rooftops, you have to drop an extra ladder around the area of the Stargazer, so even if you lose the progress till now, you can get it back fast.

Lies of P - Wandering Merchant

There will be a bigger puppet dressed in white that you have to cross on the rooftops as you get inside a house that contains a lot of enemies hiding by crates. There is a wooden walkway as you come out of the room and face a different building that has a pistol opponent on the opposite side.

Players can climb down the stairs to the streets or move up the ladder before heading left. The latter option will take you to even more rooftops in Lies of P.

As you move on, players will face a steady stream of enemies on the narrow road this time. There are also shock bomb throwers that you cannot remove even with the Puppet String arm.

You can move calmly and avoid the several bombs or just hustle to the finish line here.

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Lies of P - buying Electric Coil Stick

After it is done, you can get inside a building that will have you climbing up to get to the throwers or come out to a bunch of flat balconies and roofs.

A chest and a bigger enemy are prowling near it. However, the weapon is beyond that, and you have to cross it before reaching a different plank bridge where there is the upcoming Stargazer.

A room on the players’ left will have a merchant, who may be the same one you come across in an earlier portion of the game. He is the seller of the Electric Coil Stick Head and Handle, which will cost you a total of 1200 Ergo.

Lies of P - Electric Coil Stick details

It will cause huge Shock damage through regular attacks and the Fable art via the Head of the weapon. The Handle will have a Fable Art, too, which is different from the defensive options that you have experienced so far.

Electric Coil Stick has a leaping smash attack on its Handle’s Fable Art, and players will also be able to recombine the parts with other weapons as they are unlocked in Lies of P.

Thus, that is all the information players need regarding the Electric Coil Stick in the game and how to get it. It will be a strong choice in the starting phases of Lies of P, so make sure you are grabbing it.

Last Updated on September 19, 2023

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