Lies of P: Where To Find All Weapons And Crafting

Players will have many weapons in Lies of P as Pinocchio takes down the puppets in Krat. Every type of player will have something for their liking, and even if you cannot, there are ways to rejig the blades and handles to make unique combinations. All weapons except boss ones will have handles and blades for making into new kinds. For players who want to look for all the guns, the following guide will help them acquire them at their locations and how the crafting mechanism works.

Lies of P: Where To Find All Weapons And Crafting

Before discussing the available weapons, the game will offer three weapons to begin your journey. You will be able to select only one of them at this point.

  • The Puppet’s Sabre
  • The Wintry Rapier
  • The Greatsword of Fate

The Rapier and Sabre have very quick striking ability. At the same time, the Greatsword gives the biggest damage reduction as you block, which you will often do in the initial stages.

Players can purchase the remaining two weapons from the Wandering Merchant as they get to the circus, ahead of the Parade Master boss. Of course, buying the weapons will also give you the respective blades and handles you can use when recombining other weapons.

Now, with the starting weapon out of the way, we move on to the various weapons available in Lies of P.

Blind Man’s Double Spear

Players must enter the bottom reaches of St. Frangelico’s Cathedral Stargazer in Region IV before using the rafters to access the top portion. There is a lift shortcut here, along with two huge wooden wheels that are spoked, and you have to leap through them.

Lies of P - Blind Man's Double Spear

The second wooden wheel does not have a broken spoke, so stand on it and get yourself across to a different platform on the opposite side. This site will have a room with a cheat with the Blind Man’s Double Spear inside.

Spear of Honor

You must reach the Lorenzini Arcade’s underground tunnels, present in Region VII. The tunnels are swarming with enemies and a blue gas, which makes things decay. You will have to rush through the tunnels and may use Attribute Purification Ampoules as well. A safe at the end contains the Spear of Honor and a door that will lead you to the start.

Lies of P - Spear of Honor

Electric Coil

Players can purchase weapons from the Wandering Merchant around the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer, present in Region II. Go to the nearby room from the Stargazer, and once you interact with the Merchant, you can buy it.

Lies of P - Electric Coil

Clock Sword

Once you have defeated the King of Puppets and left the Estella Opera House, go through the streets and come to a courtyard with market shops and a tunnel. A headless puppet is scrabbling on the ground, and you have to get up the ladder to the tunnel’s right. Remove the maid puppets and unlock the chest to get the Clock Sword.

Lies of P - Clock Sword

Krat Police Baton

You must take down the vast Policeman puppet in the courtyard within the Petrification Disease Quarantine Zone in Region II. It is situated behind the rooftops from the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer.

Lies of P - Krat Police Baton

Dancer’s Curved Sword

There is a significant street filled with soldier puppets and unicycle puppets before you have to take on the White Lady boss in Rosa Isabelle Street of Region IV. As you fight through the enemies on the street, you will come across the chest having the Dancer’s Curved Sword.

Lies of P - Dancer's Curved Sword

Circular Electric Chainsaw

Players can purchase the weapon from the Wandering Merchant present in the Lorenzini Arcade of Region VII. There is a shortcut going into the Theatre Clemence, where the Merchant is near a fountain within a room filled with plants.

Lies of P - Circular Electric Chainsaw

Fire Axe

Head directly up the stairs after the Workshop Union Culvert Stargazer in Venigni Works of Region III. There are huge puppet boulders rolling down and moving to the end of the tunnel as you make sure not to get hit. There is a chest here with the Fire Axe.

Lies of P - Fire Axe

Acidic Crystal Spear

Go down the hill from the Malum District Stargazer in Region V and move right. Go past the corner, avoid the bear trap, and see a chest with the Acidic Crystal Spear.

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Lies of P - Acidic Crystal Spear

Big Pipe Wrench

Once you have defeated Fuoco in the Center of Venigni Works Stargazer of Region III, take the path present till you get to the central portion of the mines as the puppet enemies chase you. There are ladders here, and you get up onto the highest platform of the cave to get to the chest having the Big Pipe Wrench.

Lies of P - Big Pipe Wrench

Bramble Curved Sword

The Wandering Merchant is present in the Malum District of Region V. Players have to either acquire the Smiling Bunny Mark from the grave during entry or take down the Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss to buy the stuff. You would have unlocked the shortcut to the Red Lobster Inn and climbed up the ladder beyond the barrels on your right.

Lies of P - Bramble Curved Sword

Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger

You must get Pulcinella, the Curated Venigni Box, in the Estella Opera House in Region VI. Go down to the flamed chandelier ahead of the boss’ room and go inside the side passage that has a room with a safe. Once you have it, you will find Pulcinella in Hotel Krat.

Lies of P - Tyrant Murderer's Dagger

Booster Glaive

You have to reach the middle of the Venigni Works in Region III with the Puppet of the Future boss roaming around. There is a ladder to the left of the Workshop Union Culvert Stargazer and go down the corridor to get to a platform with a ladder. The chest is at the end of the trench, and you can either battle the boss or take the chest.

Lies of P - Booster Glaive

Exploding Pickaxe

Go to the building as you leave the Estella Opera House Entrance Stargazer in Region VI. Move up the stairs and down the corridor with the spider lady puppet. There is another corridor with a room down a staircase. Take down the Puppet and unlock the safe that contains the Exploding Pickaxe.

Lies of P - Exploding Pickaxe

Bone-Cutting Saw

Go down the main path from the Malum District Stargazer in Region V until you reach an open square with a huge petrification monster and a burning Black Rabbit Brotherhood symbol. The chest is to the right on an upper level, beside the monster. Players have to reach the far corner of the square, and there is a ladder here. Once you have reached the top, keep left, and you will get to the chest.

Lies of P - Bone-Cutting Saw

Salamander Dagger

Go up the stairs from the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer in Venigni Works of Region III. There is a room to your left, and then get inside the hole beyond the crates. You will find two puppet enemies and the safe having the Salamander Dagger.

Lies of P - Salamander Dagger

Lies of P: What To Know About Crafting

After taking down the Mad Donkey boss in Region II, players will get access to the Enigman Assembly Tool, which will give you access to change around handles and blades.

  • Handle: The move-set will be given with the weapon, the damage scaling, and handling Fable Art.
  • Blade: It gives you the damage and reduction you receive as you block, along with having a Fable Art.

Fable Arts are weapon skills that can be used in battles by having Fable Slots. Players can change the stat-scaling of weapons by including a Technique, Motivity, or Advance Crank to the handle at Eugenie in Hotel Krat. You have to be careful about the base scaling, too, and as you will be utilizing the Fable Arts always, your personal choices will significantly impact your weapons. Players can also upgrade their weapons by visiting Eugenie and having Crescent, Hidden, or Half Moonstone.

Thus, that is all the details you will need for the weapons in Lies of P and how to get them. The crafting feature is excellent as it gives you an increased range of options.

Last Updated on September 19, 2023

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