Evil Dead: The Game- The Full Guide of Controls and Tips for Beginners

The long-awaited Evil Dead franchise is finally upon us. Titled, ‘Evil Dead: The Game,’ it is based on an amalgamation of all the movies, the first of which was released in 1981. Moreover, inspiration is also taken from the TV series, Ash vs Evil Dead.

Players can participate as one out of four classes of humans or three classes of demons. There is single and multiplayer gameplay available.

The following guide will help you with the single-player controls and how to make your through the game as a beginner. Additionally, there is also a Deluxe Edition but the guide focuses on the Standard Edition only.

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Evil Dead: The Game- The Full Guide of Controls and Tips for Beginners

Survivor/Human controls (PS4 and PS5)

  • Move: L
  • Sprint: L3
  • Dodge: X
  • Active Skill: Circle
  • Reload: Square
  • Interact: Hold Triangle
  • Camera: R
  • Light Attack: R1
  • Heavy Attack: R2
  • Aim Ranged Weapon: L2
  • Finishing Attack: when icon appears, R3
  • Shoot Ranged Weapon: R2
  • Communication Wheel: Hold L1
  • Flashlight: D-Pad <-
  • Apply Shield: D-Pad ->
  • Map and Inventory: Touchpad
  • Heal: D-Pad ^
  • Upgrade Menu: D-Pad  (down)
  • Settings: Options

Demon controls (PS4 and PS5)

  • Move: L
  • Sprint: R3
  • Camera: R
  • Demon Dash: R1
  • Portal Selection (Basic Unit): Hold L2
  • Portal Selection (Elite Unit): Hold R2
  • Active Skill: Circle
  • Possess and Unpossess: Hold L1
  • Map: Touchpad
  • Place Proximity Portal: Square
  • Spawn Portal: X
  • Interact: Hold Triangle
  • Settings: Options
  • Spawn Elite Portal: R2+X
  • Summon Boss: L2+R2
  • Spawn Basic Portal: L2+X
  • Place Elite Proximity Portal: R2+Square
  • Place Basic Proximity Portal: L2+Square

Survivor/Human controls (Xbox One and Xbox Series X&S)

  • Move: L
  • Sprint: L3
  • Dodge: A
  • Camera: R
  • Interact: Hold Y
  • Active Skill: B
  • Light Attack: RB
  • Heavy Attack: RT
  • Finishing Attack: when the icon appears, R3
  • Reload: X
  • Communication Wheel: Hold LB
  • Aim Ranged Weapon: LT
  • Shoot Ranged Weapon: RT
  • Heal: D-Pad^
  • Apply Shield: D-Pad->
  • Upgrade Menu: D-Pad down
  • Flashlight: D-Pad<-
  • Map and Inventory: Back
  • Settings: Start

Demon controls (Xbox One and Xbox Series X&S)

  • Move: L
  • Sprint: R3
  • Camera: R
  • Portal Selection (Basic Unit): Hold LT
  • Portal Selection (Elite Unit): Hold RT
  • Demon Dash: RB
  • Active Skill: B
  • Possess and Unpossess: Hold LB
  • Place Proximity Portal: X
  • Spawn Portal: A
  • Interact: Hold Y
  • Settings: Start
  • Map: Back
  • Spawn Basic Portal: LT+A
  • Place Basic Proximity Portal: LT+X
  • Spawn Elite Portal: RT+A
  • Place Elite Proximity Portal: RT+X
  • Summon Boss: LT+RT

Evil Dead Beginners Guide

1. Try the Tutorial by being a Survivor and a Demon

The tutorial will be mandatory as soon as you enter the game. Players can choose to play as either Survivor or Demon. Nevertheless, you should try out being both once in order to grasp the full controls and abilities of each side.

The tutorial will test your skills until you get three pieces of a map, which includes the Necronomicon and Kandarian Dagger. Once you get the three pieces, it will unlock the above-mentioned items in the game modes.

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Players have to be in the area of the two objects to find them. There will be a blue meter at the top and hordes of Demons in the battle, trying to move you away. To complete the Tutorial, players will have to protect the text as Survivor or destroy the Necronomicon as Demon.


For Survivors in Evil Dead: The Game, protecting the Necronomicon for a time period will be enough. Playing as a Demon, just call upon a boss and destroy it. After completing the Tutorial, there are two options to choose from: Survivor vs Demon or Missions. The first one will have five different modes:

  1. With human-controlled players (two)
  2. Against AI-controlled Demons (two)
  3. Out of the above two, one will be with human-controlled players
  4. One private Match

Players should tread carefully as most are single missions. The remaining guide will be for AI-controlled everyone in the game, except you.

2. Look everywhere in Evil Dead: The Game

Players have to keep their eyes peeled for any rewards in most places. Make sure you are using the flashlight to the fullest, but be careful with the battery. A variety of things will pop up including:

  • Amulets: Shield effect increases
  • Weapons: Melee and ranged ones
  • Supply Crates: Filled with items
  • Shemp’s: Increases health
  • Ammo: Just go near them on the ground and collect

Supply crates with items inside will have four rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Moreover, they all come in four colors: Grey, Blue, Purple, and Gold. One weapon can be found in all rarities. Players can check the status by going close to them in Evil Dead: The Game. 

3. Keep alternating melee and ranged attacks

Depending on the character and weapons you have, keep changing between the two weapons mode. Moreover, limited ammo means you will have little choice but to use all your arsenal of weapons. Generally, players will come across a maximum of three bosses at any given time in Evil Dead: The Game. Light and heavy attacks will be a savior in being quick and effective against enemies.

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evil dead the game evil ash

4. The more finishing attacks, the better

Whenever you are battling Demons, the R3 will appear after a while. Pressing that triggers your finishing attack, though not one hit will do the job. Once the balance bar of the Demons gets over, you can press R3 and kill the enemy.

However, if the first try fails, then you can make some distance and go for the finisher again. Moreover, when a player is using the R3, they are immune to other attacks on them. Therefore, using them when surrounded by Demons is a big bonus. 

5. When the fear rises, find a source of fire

The lowest bar on the left bottom of the screen in purple is your fear bar. The screen will get blurrier as it rises until being fully red. When the fear gets too high, you are at high risk of attacks from Demons.

Therefore, the best way to get the meter down is to get near a fire. The two major sources are lanterns hanging around and fireplaces, but there’s a catch. Players will need matchsticks and can only bring a maximum of three at a time. Spend them wisely and make sure your fear meter is in control. 

Needless to say, it is the reverse if you are playing as Demons. Then, you would want the fear meter to rise. 

That would be all for this guide. Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on May 14, 2022

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