MADDEN 22 – Secret Pack Opening and Free Coins (December 21)

There is a secret pack you can find in MADDEN 22, that can grant you free coins. You can make free coins from this pack anytime you are able to open it up in the first place. This is level dependent which I will discuss later on. Read on for more details…

Please open this secret pack now 🔥 - YouTube - Go

MADDEN 22 – Secret Pack Opening and free Coins (December 21)

The pack you will be looking for is called “ELITE FANTASY PACK”. Currently it is discounted in the store for a mere 25,000 coins. This is a special offer and you can only purchase it once. Since the remaining is showing as 1.

To get this free pack:

  • Go To Store
  • Navigate to Special Offers Tab
  • Purchase it for 25,000 coins

Contents of the Elite Fantasy Pack

The elite fantasy pack as of the time of publish, contains the following items and description:

  • Choose 1 of 3 80 OVR Elite Players
  • This includes 2 85+ Elite options
  • 1 x 80+ OVR Platinum option

This pack only costs you 25K coins which is less compared to the other special packs in the store. If you know how to, you can easily make free coins from this pack alone. Let us discuss that in the next section.

How To Get Free Coins using this pack

If you are able to get a 81+ Platinum OVR Card, you can literally make free coins from that, that is because of the following reasons:

  • 80+ or 81+ Platinum Cards have Inflation rates
  • They sell at higher Quicksell values than other cards
  • 80 OVR Plat quicksell for 13K and 81 OVR Plat generally quicksell for 18K
  • 85+ Plat Cards QS for about 82K
  • 88 OVR Plat cards go for a whopping 200K

If you happen to have a 85+ OVR Platinum card, it can even quicksell for a value of 82-83K. These are a lot of coins which you can literally make for free just by using this pack and other similar packs like this.

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What if you do not get Platinum Card?

If you are unlucky and do not get a platinum card, you can still make the most out of this pack. That is because there are two more slots in your pack which can get a decent drop. These will be guaranteed 85+ OVR Players as you read in the description.

The higher pulls can make you even more coins just by quicksell. It does not always have to be a platinum card for you to make profit in the first place so keep that in mind while pulling. 

Take note that anything higher than a 88 Pull will definitely make you free coins. 

How To unlock more free packs

To unlock more free packs, all you need to do is level up in the game. For example, the one I am talking about is unlocked at Level 5 of the game. The rest of them are carried out in a similar fashion.

At this time the pack I am showing you is discounted whereas others are not. This is what makes this particular pack exclusive to this month since it is heavily discounted for now. To unlock more packs:

  • Play Online until you want to switch
  • Play daily challenges and missions
  • Complete more solo challenges

Doing more daily missions can also fetch you certain Midfield packs that can grant you decent pulls as well. More free coins as a result of that.

To sum it up, you can definitely make more coins using this method if you are able to quicksell a decent player you pull. You invest 25K and you get more than what you pay, hence a win win situation for you.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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