Mobile Legends (MLBB) | All Season Skins [Updated]

Season Skins are rewards given to players from Master rank to Mythical Glory in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang after the end of a season in the game.

Normally these seasons last from 90 to 100 days and at the end of it the players receive the rewards through the mail.

You can also buy some of them with fragments from the shop. Here in this post, I will take you through each of the Season’s rewards in the form of Skins that you can obtain by achieving the necessary ranks at the end of the season.

Mobile Legends All Skin Rewards [Updated]

Just to let you know a few facts about these skins before starting off, Nana’s Graveyard Party, Fanny’s Punk Princess, and Alucard’s Fiery Inferno are the only Seasonal Skins that have been revamped as of September 2020.

Minotaur’s Taurus skin was renamed Orbiter because the name Taurus was used in a different skin called Taurus Zodiac skin. Also, Nana’s Graveyard Party and Alucard’s Fiery Inferno share the same animation as their respective default skins.

One should note that you must have the required hero in order to use the skin which you get as the reward. For example, you must own the hero Alucard to use his skin Fiery Inferno. Alright then let me share with you all the Seasonal Skin rewards in due order now.


Nana – Graveyard Party


Alucard – Fiery Inferno


Fanny – Punk Princess


Minotaur – Orbiter


Hilda – Flower Of The Wastes


Alpha – Sea Gladiator


Moskov – Yasha


Estes – White Crane


Franco – Locomotive


Tigreal – Wyrmslayer


Bane – Warlord


Vexana – Imprisoner


Hylos – Jungle Watcher


Pharsa – Enchanting Witch


Clint – Witch Hunter


Eudora – Countess Scarlet


Cyclops – Zombie Bambino


Rafaela – Star Chaser


Akai – Street Enforcer


Kaja – Crow Magician


Gord – New Baron

new baron skin 2

new baron skin 1

These are all the Season Skins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang up to now. It’s safe to see that all players covet these skins and also all the other skins for their favourite heroes available in the game.

So grab your favourite skins right now because honestly, they look pretty cool. Let us meet again next time on This is your friend Spider Monkey signing off. Always keep smiling and aloha!

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Last Updated on January 15, 2022

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    1. I am sorry we do not hand out skins to our readers. You have to obtain the particular skins from the game itself. You can revert back to our guide, season 7 and season 16 skins have been included there.

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