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Moon Hunters is a critically praised title available on steam, in which you create a legend in a co-op-style game mode. Explore the environment in unique ways, which are different every time you play it.

Speaking of creating legends, we have to understand the classes, and how they work. Having a general idea of a build helps the cause greatly. So in this class summary and build guide, we will show you exactly how to do that.

Moon Hunters Complete Class Guide


Classes in Moon Hunters follow a similar design.

  • Each class has one standard attack. This attack does not require any energy to use.
  • Each class has one secondary attack. This attack requires energy to use.
  • Each class has a mobility skill. Mobility skills generally allow a class to move faster allowing them to avoid hits. The skill either requires energy to use or drains over time. Some classes’ mobility skills can also deal with the damage.

Attacks are separated into two damage types; physical and magical. Physical damage is improved by the Strength stat, magical damage is improved by the Intellect stat.

Class skills can be upgraded by merchants. A merchant sells a choice of four randomly selected upgrades in exchange for Opals. Upgraded skills can do more damage, last longer, be used to be more frequently, etc. Better upgrades require more Opals to unlock.


spell blade moon hunters class guide

  • Dumuzi the Spellblade is a MELEE skill-based legend class.


  • A standard melee attack. Hit three times to trigger a tornado. The hit range is somewhat limited but can put out good DPS.
  • Another self-explanatory skill. Use it to dish out knockbacks to enemies.
  • A mobility skill that can also do physical damage. Definitely, the one to use in the game.


You’ll want endurance for more health so you can tank more damage and strength for more physical damage so you can kill enemies faster. You may want to avoid forests on this character so you can avoid fighting shielded plants. Try to take things on, in a limited number if possible.


heduna moon hunters class guide

  • Heduanna the Ritualist is a magical ranged class.


  • A magical damage attack. The Ritualist can have a limited number of orbs on ‘standby’ at a time. The limit can be increased by a merchant upgrade. Using the attack uses up one of the ‘standby’ orbs. Orbs regenerate naturally over time.
  • A magical attack that is basically a gravity well. Fire and enemies will be mostly held in place. Primarily used for CC instead of damage.
  • Mobility skill that lets you teleport a short distance away. Does not do damage.


You can use teleport to escape enemies and dodge big hits. You should be able to avoid most enemies with Void Pull. The Ritualist is really good at dealing with most normal enemies.

Void pull locks them down letting you burn them down with orbs. The Ritualist’s disadvantage is that you can only fire orbs when they are on standby. Therefore her attack can not be spammed infinitely.

Once all the candy orbs are gone you’ll only fire them when they regenerate. They regenerate every second or two but this does hurt DPS.

  • Spirit, Intellect, and Faith should be increased.


druid moon hunters class guide

  • Enkidu the druid is a physical ranged class with a physical melee option


  • Physical damage ranged attack. Fires 3x projectiles in a wide cone. The number of projectiles can be increased to 5 and the cone can be narrowed.
  • Does a bit of physical damage to enemies under it. Covers a decent amount of area. Primarily used to slow down enemies allowing you to spam Leaf Barrage at them from safety.
  • The druid’s mobility skill is pretty interesting. Activating it shapeshifts you into a wolf. While in wolf form you have increased speed, can do a standard melee attack and your secondary attack is the charge. The form has no upfront cost but drains energy over time. Using the skill again returns you to human form.


Leaf Barrage is an effective ranged attack and Vines can keep you safe from enemies. Wolf form can give you a melee option but it is advised to utilize range more.

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With the projectile increase and narrow cone upgrades, you can shred large enemies apart. Even if you mistakenly upgrade Intellect instead of Strength the druid will be able to inflict large amounts of DPS.

  • Upgrade Strength primarily for more physical damage. Spirit for energy regen and faith for more energy is also useful.


witch moon hunters class guide

  • Kubele the Witch is a physical melee / magical ranged hybrid


  • Standard physical attack. Has a pretty good hit range.
  • Magical laser beam. Knocks opponents backward when hit. Hold down to fire, energy drains as you hold down the fire.
  • Mobility skill. Charging enemies deals with physical damage.


Stab has a good range so you can engage enemies without letting them get too close which is one advantage over the spell blade. Blood Beam is a powerful laser that can be useful for burning down shield plants from behind. It can burn through your energy pretty quickly though.

  • If you want to use Blood Beam you’ll need Intellect for more magical damage, Faith to increase energy, and Spirit for more regen between lasering. If you want to melee instead, you’ll need Strength to increase physical damage, Endurance for more health (you should still use blood beam against certain enemies)


sun cultist moon hunters class guide

  • Sargon the Sun Cultist is a physical melee / magical hybrid class.


  • Standard melee attack. The hit range is so-so. Holding down the attack will throw a chakram that will fly forwards a bit, hit enemies, and turn the ground on fire.
  • Calls down a meteor to your current location. Turns the ground on fire. Anything standing on the fire will take damage.
  • Mobility skill. Charging enemies will deal physical damage. Holding will turn the ground on fire.


As the skill sets suggest, this class is all about fire. The fire can hurt you as well, so you need to watch where you are standing. Activate Solar Prayer and immediately move away to avoid the fire that gets generated.

The fire will hurt you as well as your enemies. Kite enemies over the fiery ground. Chakram Swipe can be used to do some physical damage, hold down for extra range, hit multiple enemies in a line, light the ground on fire. Gets a lot of endurance.

You’ll be in the thick of things and you can easily hurt yourself with your own fire. Increase Strength for extra physical damage.


snow dancer moon hunters class guide

  • Ninlil the Snowdancer is a physical melee / magical ranged/summon class


  • Physical damage attack. Charge attacks by holding down buttons to do extra damage.
  • Magical damage attack. Freezes enemies on hit. Holding the down button charges the attack. The longer you charge the more ice you fire. At max charge, you create an ice summon. It will explode in contact with enemies and freeze everything within range.
  • Mobility skill. Activating will create ice under your feet. Anything on the ice will get a movement buff. This includes not only you and your teammates but also enemies.


Inner Storm is a game-changing skill. Enemies can’t fight back since they freeze. Frozen targets that die explode and freeze enemies within the blast radius.

This lets you chain freeze enemies by freezing a group of enemies, killing one to trigger a freeze blast, killing the next to trigger another blast, and so on. To finish off a frozen target split ice is the best.

As frozen targets can’t fight back this lets you max out the charge on Split Ice to do a big blow. We would strongly suggest going magical in order to buff Inner Storm. Intellect, Spirit, Faith.

That would be all from this guide on the best classes in Moon Hunters. Leave your thoughts in the comments below. You can follow us on Twitter and drop a like on Facebook to get the latest update on guides for Mobile Games, PC Games, Fixes, and Settings.

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Last Updated on November 8, 2022

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