Nexomon: Extinction | Element Strengths and Weaknesses Guide

In this guide of Nexomon: Extinction, we will take a look at the Elements Effectiveness in the game. These Include Strengths and Weaknesses for the respective elements. Simply refer to the table for ease of reference.
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Elements Strengths and Weaknesses (Effectiveness) in Nexomon: Extinction

  • This table and the image, shows which element is good or bad against each other.
  • If an element is strong it means that the damage done is increased to 125%.
  • If an element is weak, it deals 65% of the actual damage.
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NormalGhost, Psychic
FirePlant, Wind, GhostFire, Water, Material
WaterFire, Material, GhostWater, Electric, Plant
PlantWater, Electric, PsychicElectric, Plant, Material
WindPlant, MaterialFire, Electric, Ghost
ElectricWater, Wind, PsychicElectric, Plant, Material
MaterialFire, ElectricWater, Wind, Psychic
GhostNormal, Wind, PsychicFire, Water
PsychicNormal, Electric, GhostMaterial, Psychic

Nexomon extinction elemntal chart

That will be all for this guide. Stick with us for more of such walkthroughs. Thanks for reading and we will see you in the next one!

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