Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – How To Get Cannonballer of Ardor

If you are looking for a decent Legendary Rocket Launcher in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, then The Cannonballer of Ardor will surely draw your attention. This is a Torgue manufacture that does decent damage. Let us take a look at how to farm or get this weapon.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - How To Get Cannonballer of Ardor

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – How To Get Cannonballer of Ardor

Before we see what the weapon holds for your and how you can acquire it, let us see some of the stats that the weapon has, along with the red quote.

Cannonballer of Ardor Stats

DAMAGE627 (5218 at max level)

The red text quotes “BAker’s on his run”.

How To Get Cannonballer of Ardor

There are a couple of ways to farm this Legendary Rocket launcher which I will discuss down below. The first method is how I got mine, and the second method is how some of my friends got theirs.

You can farm The Cannonballer of Ardor from LeChance. He is a Pirate Skeleton boss located in Wargtooth Shallows, Recent Beach. Now, I got my drop while doing the Story mission, but you can always farm him anytime you want by heading over to the said location. Here is the exact map location for LeChance:

LeChance location on map

Alternate Way – Alternatively, you can also get the drop from The Loot Chamber at the end of the map. You can farm specific legendary weapons from the Loot Chamber. Try to maximize the number of crystals you bring to the loot cave by doing side objectives and defeating floating skulls.

How To Beat LeChance

LeChance is not an ordinary enemy that you can defeat easily. I played with two of my other friends so the HP scaling was decent. Even if you try it solo, you will need a decent build. I highly suggest a Crit and Cryo build for Spore Warden.

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Your best bet is to do damage with your spell and weapons, and let your Mushroom Companion do damage with his Toxic Cloud. That is how we beat him and you can try it out as well. Here is a video link for the drop: Link.

Cannonballer of Ardor Overview and Tips

This weapon does what the name suggests, Cannonballs! It shoots high damaging cannonballs towards targets. It has two modes: Impact; and Multi-ball. Impact will bounce the cannonball before finishing off in a blast!

Multi-ball deals additional damage when the cannonball splits into multiple balls. In my opinion, Impact is more reliable that the other one. That is because multi-ball is unpredictable and making it work is tough.

Impact on the other hand is consistent and does fair damage, even at higher levels. You can hit your enemies directly or skip the cannonball to do trickshots and ground damage. The ball will explode on impact.

And that is how you can get Cannonballer of Ardor in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Have you found one? let me know in the comments below.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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