Mortal Kombat 11: Error Connecting to Server? – Some Solutions!

Since the release of Mortal Kombat 11, Players have been experiencing a lot of server issues. Be it isolated cases of 1v1 private online lobby playing in rooms, or just playing Ranked online matches. The game seems to be showing up with very poor connection signals (red bars on connection indicators).

We Tested the 1v1 Private lobby and found the ping to be 200+ while playing with a particular friend in MK11. Completing the Towers of Time challenge also sometimes results in a crashing game.

So, the question is, can there be a Fix for MK11 Error Contacting Server message pop-up and desync issues? We will list some potential fixes that have worked for some players so unless the Devs get a patch in for such Server Errors, Try these to check if it works for you or not.


MK 11 Error Connecting to Server/De-Sync issues – Solutions

We have put up five solutions, each with its own steps. Make sure to follow them correctly and test the end result yourself. If one does not work for you, move to the next and check them like that.

For some players, these solutions may not work entirely. In that case, we highly recommend that you reach out to MK11 Support with your queries.

Solution 1

We went through many forums and found out that the RGB lighting option that they have put in MK11 is causing desync issues and resulting in Server errors and crashes. So what you want to do is disable the RGB lighting in-game and also disable it from the game files of UserSettings.ini.

RGB off

Here is how to do it via game files:

  1. Browse to %LOCALAPPDATA%\MK11\ (aka users\[whatever\appdata\local\mk11)
  2. Open UserSettings.ini
  3. Find RGBPeripherals = on and RGBKeyLighting = on
  4. Set them to RGBPeripherals = off and RGBKeyLighting = off
  5. Save the file

Solution 2:

One other thing you can do is forward your ports in the Router Settings of your WIFI. This Fix is like a cleansing of the networks of sorts so that you can be satisfied that it’s not you who is at fault here.Open your router settings add the MK11 ports there, and enable them just to be on the safe side and avoid bad NAT issues. Here is a guide on how to forward Ports.

Solution 3:

We would recommend using a LAN connection instead of WIFI for lower pings. Having said that, the issue is not with the connections but with the MK11 servers themselves.It seems like the servers are either not yet optimized properly or the server load is too high for it to cope. So, to be on the safer side, try having the best possible stable connection for smooth gameplay.As per some sources MK11 devs have announced that in order to play this game smoothly and enjoy rewards, you need to have a stable connection. And by “stable,” they mean “constant” internet connection all throughout your online gameplay.

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Solution 4:

desync message

By doing some research we found out that uninstalling your RGB Peripheral drivers or turning them off from their software or hardware settings are resulting in a possible fix.So what we would recommend is until the Devs push a few more patches in, to address this issue, try rolling back or uninstalling the RGB peripheral software and turning off the lighting of your RGB hardware.

We know that it sucks, and this was set out to be a unique feature of the MK11. But a potential Server connection or desync fix is better than some hardware features for the MK11 fans.

Solution 5:

The last suggestive potential fix is like shooting arrows in the dark. But something is better than nothing, so what you can do is create a new Windows User account and load up Steam through the new profile you created.This fix has worked for those who, let alone connections, could not even start the game. They kept crashing on the loading window, so give it a try as well.

We take no guarantee whether it will work or not, but it has worked for some players, so there you go!

In conclusion, we can say that MK11 is no doubt doing well. But the devs need to address the Error Connecting/ Contacting to servers issues and desync issues and fix the servers in the process.Unless they do so, the majority of the community will be unhappy, and the game won’t be giving its full potential. You can report any issue you are having to the MK11 dev team. That’s all for this post!

Last Updated on April 6, 2024

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