MW2: Lights Through Walls Bug – How To Fix

Even while Activision frequently publishes hotfixes and does everything possible to correct all issues in their video games, there are occasions when in-game bugs are technically impossible to solve. And the “lights through walls bug” in MW2 is one of the worst. Learn how to repair the MW2 light-through walls bug by reading this article.


How To Fix MW2 Light Through Wall Glitch

You should be aware that the issue known as Light Through Walls is present in numerous shooters. It appears in the original Modern Warfare and a few further Call of Duty games. Additionally, the issue becomes worse the longer you play the game. 

Furthermore, there is no specific cause for this issue. Most people believe that graphic drivers are to blame. However, PS and Xbox are also affected. This conclusion is, therefore, incorrect. Unfortunately, if you want to solve the lights through walls bug, most traditional remedies do not work.

Additionally, you may have heard that this bug cannot be repaired. It’s merely a rumor, so don’t be alarmed. The most effective fixes for the MW2 light-through walls bug are listed below.

Turn Off On-Demand Texture Streaming

It is no secret that the majority of players of MW2 are unaware of the existence of such settings. It is, however, a feature of the game and is one of the primary causes of the light-through-walls problem. Open Settings – Graphics and select On-Demand Texture Streaming to disable it.

  • On-demand texture streaming is the first thing you must address in this situation.
  • To play MW2 without restriction, switch it off and start the game over.

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Clear Shaders Cache

Shaders cache is another unique feature in MW2 that receives little attention. And it would be best if you restart Shader Optimization so that the lights function correctly.

  • You must first navigate to Settings – Graphics.
  • Scroll down until you find the Restart Shaders Optimization option.
  • Use the window in the upper right corner of the screen to start the process and monitor it.
  • Restart the PC to play MW2 without any hiccups.

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The MW2 light through wall bug should be resolved after this. On consoles, there is sadly no fix for this bug. Therefore, the only choice is to hold off until developers address the bug.

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How to Fix the Social Tab Issue in Warzone 2

One significant issue with Warzone 2.0 for many Call of Duty fans is the inability to use the Social Tab, the primary menu part where friends can be invited. Players typically enter Social before beginning a match and add their friends to the group before queuing for a game mode.

However, a recent bug has been returning users to the home screen after they had gone to Social. Warzone 2.0 and the rest of the Call of Duty franchise strongly emphasize cooperative play; therefore, the inability to invite and play with friends is a significant issue.

Fortunately, Warzone 2.0 community members have come to the rescue with a simple workaround fix that enables users to avoid the problem of the Social Tab not functioning correctly. You must enable Voice Chat and form a gaming party using the Channels Tab for this repair.

Fix Social not Working Cant See Friends in Warzone 2 MW2 

Fixing the Social Tab Not Working in Warzone 2.0

For those who are unsure how this method operates, YouTube content producer Miner902 has provided a great example of how users can get around the Social Tab problem using a quick workaround:

  1. Open the drop-down window on the right side of the screen while in the main menu.
  2. Go to Channels, which is represented by a headset icon, one tab to the right of Social.
  3.  Next, choose the Invite to Channel option after selecting Game Channel or My Channel.
  4. After completing this action, the Invite to Party screen will be displayed, allowing users to view a list of their friends and send them an invitation to join their channel.
  5. After adding Warzone 2.0 teammates to a channel, users can queue up for matches like they would have done if Social had been functional.

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It’s crucial to remember that any live-service launch with millions of users is guaranteed to result in myriad issues, even though many Warzone 2.0 fans may believe that the dev team was reckless or even careless to allow such a colossal error to exist.

Thankfully, the community discovered a fix for this Social bug, and hopefully, Activision will continue to make everyone’s experience smooth and largely glitch-free. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC all support Warzone 2.0.

I do hope that you found this guide to be instructional. Do leave a comment to let me know your thoughts. I will be back soon with another guide, so keep an eye on Gamertagzero. Hope to serve you well! Thank you for your valuable time. Cheers!

Last Updated on January 2, 2023

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  1. Oh, thanks for reassuring me that the claim that this bug is unfixable is false, then at the end letting me know it’s unfixable on console

    I sure love being lied to

    1. I think the best bet is to wait for a patch from the devs to address the issue. This is very annoying for a lot of players, so it is highly likely they will address it.

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